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Tampa, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock


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"GreyMarket Reigns Supreme"

GreyMarket reigns supreme

By Kate Lawler

Monday, March 15, 2010

Michael Gargiulo and Cave McCoy know how to put on a show.

Looking for a band to follow to the top? You may have found it in GreyMarket, who performed last Monday night at the Riot Room on Broadway.

Though three bands played 30-minute sets, GreyMarket stood out and was certainly successful in making a positive impression with a polished and perfectly executed sound.

They are like an electronic rock hybrid compound of Muse, The Mars Volta, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Thermals.

After listening to and enjoying their album “Some Orbits Will Never Decay,” I learned there were only two members (Cave McCoy and Michael Gargiulo) to this band and I became apprehensive of the notion of hearing a live performance.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that with just the two of them and their laptop, their live performance outshined the rest of the bands playing that night.

Energy that exploded on stage and a custom light show made it an exciting act.

Another aspect of the night I appreciated was the fact that they didn’t creep around trying to shove as much swag into attendee’s faces as they could.

Sure, every dime helps, but these guys are their own PR?powerhouse; personable and interested in making as many contacts as possible.

It isn’t everyday you see a band that puts so much hard work into every detail of a performance. This is an attention to detail that does not go unnoticed and will benefit immensely in the long run.

If GreyMarket returns to Kansas City, I will without a doubt be there and I suggest you do the same. - UNEWS - University of Missouri

"GreyMarket - Taking Intimacy to a Whole New Level"

GreyMarket | Taking Intimacy to a Whole New Level

Posted: March 29, 2011 by Cicero's Restaurant in Music Venue

Intimacy during rock ’n’ roll shows isn’t easily created. Many factors play into the effect: the size of the venue, the fans and their eclectic mix of attitude and beer coursing through their veins and, most importantly, the artists on stage pouring their hearts out through song—laying it all out while raking fingers across guitars, pounding their drums, singing into the mic with eyes closed. Tampa’s GreyMarket spilled their hearts out for fans at Cicero’s on Friday, March 25, establishing a personal relationship with those in attendance, then leaving them in a dreamlike haze, anticipating more music to come.

It’s rare that a duo can command such regard and can fill a room with an encompassing and grandiose sound. Thanks to technology and a keen set of ears for programming, what at one point may have only been noise is turned in to beautiful accompanying music for guitarist/vocalist Cave McCoy and drummer Michael Gargiulo. Fully adorned in their semi-formal garb of black, white, and gray shades, the duo took to the stage and opened with a new song, “Mother of All Bombs.” After setting themselves up on a high note and making one hell of a first impression, the pair moved into a trio of songs plucked in order from their 2008 album Some Orbits Will Never Decay. The merge of twinkling guitar and keyboards, propelling rhythms and explosive lights, only added to the aura of GreyMarket’s special brand of massive yet intimate music.

“Cascade (Down the Rabbit Hole)” was a firm and powerful number; the Alice in Wonderland–themed rollick had fans both old and new, as well as McCoy himself, erupt in to a show of hands clapping, arms flailing, bodies breaking out in kinetic dance, and the guitarist rushing out on to the venue floor, leaving it all out for others to thrive on. The show was packed with ferocity from the beginning, and in the end the two left pieces of themselves stuck to attendees like rock ’n’ roll confetti on sticky, sweaty skin. As everyone, including the band, thought it was over, they were surprised with a bit of extra time in which they treated everyone to “I’d Wait Years,” also from SOWND, as an encore. After McCoy crooned “I’d wait years for you” repeatedly in his decadent tenor, he and Gargiulo left the stage and joined those in attendance. The pair were genuinely appreciative to those who approached them, willing to shake hands and open to discuss music.

If you missed this show, you should be kicking yourself right now; see some of what you missed on their website, While listening online won’t create the same magic exhibited at Cicero’s on Friday night, it will give you a taste of the magic of GreyMarket. Oh…and watch this space for a return visit in July. | Jenn Metzler


“Mother of All Bombs”
“Hey, Mr. Spaceman”
“Make Sense”
“Back in Time”
“Cascade (Down the Rabbit Hole)
“Wings (Made of Steel)”


“I’d Wait Years” - Cicero's Blog


These guys could give album-oriented rock a good name. GreyMarket's sound is too brash for alternative, too clever for arena rock. It's the sound most bands burden with overwrought and clichéd sentiments, but GreyMarket's smarts and sense of humor save them from such a fate. Big guitars, big drums, big synthesizers, sky-scraping vocals — and it sounds great in the car cranked up loud. - The Tampa Tribune Friday Extra

"GreyMarket CD release"

Going bigger, faster and heavier on an already intoxicating rock sound has its risks. Yet Tampa act GreyMarket pushes the limits without overdosing on its new Some Orbits Will Never Decay, combining exultant riffs and spaced-out effects with big beats and yowls. Written over the course of two years, the duo's latest has the bold flavors of Muse or Radiohead, but with a swagger all its own. Overall, it's an edgy, slightly glam effort that does the local scene proud. - Tampa Bay Times

"Review: The Fiery Furnaces/GreyMarket"

"...Next came GreyMarket, an alt-prog duo who caught my attention with an eye-popping set at Tropical Heatwave. Since then, they've opened for the Hold Steady, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus, Black Moth Super Rainbow and now the Fiery Furnaces. And this fall, they'll try to expand the brand with an East Coast and Midwest tour**.

There's a reason these guys keep getting these gigs: They're like ready-made rock stars. They look the part, they're technically brilliant, they're full of energy onstage, and they even come with their own custom light show. As I wrote in May, the bands GreyMarket most reminds me of are Muse, Mute Math and the Killers. After seeing them again, I'd add a more proggish version of the White Stripes, if Meg actually contributed anything of note.
As you can see from the photo, GreyMarket is only two dudes, singer-guitarist Cave McCoy and drummer-laptopper Mike Gargiulo, but they get the most out of their limited membership. McCoy stomps and staggers, wails and flails all over the stage (and even into the crowd) while Gargiulo monitors all the other music and propels things forward on a steady, pounding path.

Swathed in a homemade hurricane of blue, pink, green and gold lights, the band's music and energy is massive. Even in a small club like the Orpheum or New World Brewery, they come across like a band that could step right in and play a festival -- which must be why all these national artists keep asking them to open their shows. They are prompt, professional and punishing." - Tampa Bay Times

"GreyMarket - Dauntless Record Review"

4 out of 5

The highly anticipated debut album from one of our most brilliant local bands has finally arrived and it packs quite a punch. Dauntless offers a dark look into the world we live in, with very mature song matter and a sound that has never been produced locally. The duo of L. Cave McCoy and Mike Gargiulo generate an impenetrable wall of sound which will surround and bind you for some time after listening. Phenomenal mixing and production abound, their first full-length offering brings an almost cathartic experience. The highlight of the album, Sirens, offers a frank glance into the stark loneliness of our very existence. Greymarket creates a sound that is reminiscent of Muse, with tinges of Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, and even some Zeppelin. This is a combination not seen from bands in these parts very often, and has never been done this well. Powerful, moving, and thought-provoking it’s hard to believe such an album was made right here in the bay area. I highly recommend you pick this one up. - REAX Magazine #8

"GreyMarket: The Strength of Conviction"

The Strength of Conviction
Words: James Ferreira
Photo: John Paul Douglas

2007 was a banner year for Tampa’s intense prog-rock duo GreyMarket. Fronted by the electric L. Cave McCoy, and driven by the pounding beats laid down by drummer Mike Gargiulo, the band has taken huge strides toward becoming much more than just another great local act. The past twelve months have seen them grow and evolve immensely as musicians, and that is saying something considering how smitten most of the REAX family was upon first listening to them way back at our second showcase in September of 2006. Their first album, Dauntless, received critical acclaim across the board amongst local media outlets as a hauntingly precise glance into the intricacies of the human psyche. To celebrate the release of their debut, the guys decided to leave town and play an inordinate amount of dates up and down the East Coast highlighted by several shows in New York and Atlanta. “We definitely have been well-received and each venue offered dates to return, which was great. That is a very validating gesture against all the work we put into this,” Mike told me after I inquired as to how foreign markets responded to them.

When I asked the guys what sort of differences they noticed between the places they visited on the road and their home town, I was quite surprised to hear Cave’s response. “Honestly, it has made us appreciate what we have in Tampa way, way more. We have several great venues. We have good bands worth seeing. Every place else is either a wasteland or so overpopulated that there’s no possible way for any band to create its own insular bubble to make something unique in. Here, there’s just enough space so that you can have A!A!! doing one thing and Win Win Winter doing something completely different and GreyMarket doing God-knows-what in the corner.” This is not to say that the scene in Tampa isn’t without holes (as they both will tell you). Nevertheless, it was refreshing to hear a positive response, as I worried that after seeing what other cities had to offer Tampa might lose one of its greatest treasures before ever getting to appreciate it.

With so many dates played over the last few months, I wondered about some of the highlights of their tours. “We got to play in NYC which meant I got to see my family. Additionally, both sides of my family were in the same room together which hasn’t happened since I was about 8 years old. It was also cool to see what the music scene was like in other cities,” Mike said.

“Getting to spoon with Mike in so many different locales. When he wraps his arms around me, I just melt away. My first ever visit to New York was to play a gig in the Village. That was pretty rad,” Cave chimed in.

GreyMarket returned to Tampa from their last string of shows in November, with a raucous homecoming performance at the Orpheum. “It was fantastic. It was basically like a pre-emptive record release party. We’d been playing the new material quite a bit around the state and it’s all being received well. The Orpheum is just like our home though, so everything is pretty much always just right, especially the technical issues regarding sound, mixing, etc..,” Mike explained.

The Orpheum has really become a home base for GreyMarket. It’s traditionally been one of Ybor’s most recognized venues, and even though the past couple years have seen some decline in the quality of shows put on there, and a few more miles on an already rundown building, it’s impossible not to feel somewhat nostalgic when discussing what playing there is like for local bands, and what attendance means for fans of live music in the bay area. “The Orpheum is basically the home of this band. It’s like playing for your extended drunken family,” Cave said.

Their new album is scheduled for release early this year and is tentatively entitled Some Orbits Never Decay. They have been playing a lot of the new stuff out lately, and as I alluded to earlier, it has definitely showcased some major growth. As Mike explains, “The new album is like Dauntless on speed. We clearly felt we needed to be punished so we put together this material that was a real pain in the ass to play. You’ll see a clear difference in textures, more complex arrangements, faster tempos, and just different approaches. It also has some of the heaviest stuff we’ve ever done, as well as what I consider the best song we’ve written.”

I asked the guys what kinds of stuff they had been listening to over the last few months, in order to better grasp what may have gone into shaping the new record. “I tend to pick something up long after the cool kids put it down. I just started rocking The Darkness’ Permission to Land. I really like the Bravery’s new record too, for the most part. They put on a pretty good show at State (Theater in St. Petersburg),” Cave said.

“I’ve been sweating The Shins like whoa, and we saw them in Atlanta last month which was great. I really li - REAX Magazine

"GreyMarket Sizzles at Heatwave"

"GreyMarket: This was one of the last bands I saw, at New World Brewery, and ... I mean ... wow. They're two alternative rockers from Tampa, a guitarist and a drummer (and a laptop), who played with a fire and technical precision I could not believe. Musically, I don't even know who to compare them to. Mute Math? The Killers? Muse? Freakin' Radiohead? They were so good, the crowd demanded an encore. I have no idea how these guys are not signed to a label and touring the country." - St. Petersburg Times

"TBT Soundcheck Review: The Hold Steady/GreyMarket"

...I have to note that I was thoroughly surprised by the opening group. Grey Market. Made up of a guitarist, drummer and a laptop, they have a sound that takes inspiration from many bands but never copies. I agree completely with Jay Cridlin who saw them at Heatwave. Why these guys haven't been raised up into the limelight yet is beyond me. I really couldn't do much else then stand and watch in awe as the two men rocked on stage. They were that good...

--Story/photos by Leigh Armstrong, Times Staff Writer
- Tampa Bay Times

"GreyMarket: 'two piece rock with a laptop'"

Greymarket: 'two piece rock with a laptop'
Herald Staff Writer
The phrase "rock and roll" was shattered decades ago. Now it's all about the subgenres and a long list of silly monikers. Keeping track of the mess is enough to drive even the most dedicated music fan crazy.
There are emo bands and screamo bands. We have punk, post punk, post rock, hardcore, post-hardcore, power pop and grindcore. There was hair metal and Hollywood Sleaze and don't forget about glam rock and thrash metal. How about that new mathcore band?
You get my point.
It's infuriating.
The guys from the band Greymarket, which will perform Friday at The Orpheum in Ybor City, feel the same way.
"We set forth to make music we would enjoy playing," said L. Cave McCoy when he called recently from his home in Clearwater. "It makes it harder to target a specific market. So that's where the name 'Greymarket' comes from. It indicates exactly where we are."
Greymarket's 2005 EP "Insidious" offers a catchy mix of power chords, pulsating electronica beats, fierce drumming and McCoy's impassioned vocals and smart lyrics. The song "Mayday" has enjoyed airplay on Tampa-based radio station WSUN 97.1's Local Motion program.
The duo's growing appeal can be traced to a sound that should appeal to fans of both Led Zeppelin and Radiohead, groups that McCoy cites as influences. Whereas many other bands on the indie scene boast of their disdain for mainstream rock, McCoy embraces records being issued by both camps.
"That's why we like the name Greymarket so much," said McCoy, the 23-year-old guitarist, bassist, vocalist and songwriter behind Greymarket. "It exemplifies being between indie and the mainstream. I listen to everything imaginable - from band of the month like the Bloc Party to the Black Crowes."
McCoy even confessed to enjoying music that if played on the jukebox at a Tampa hipster hangout like New World Brewery would be cause for expulsion.
"I still like some songs by Poison and Def Leperd, two bands that couldn't be further from cool if they tried," McCoy said.
McCoy continued to reconcile his love of cheese and rock critic-approved tunes on the upcoming Greymarket CD, which is still in the mastering stage after being recorded at Zen Studios in St. Petersburg. The recording facility is owned and operated by guitarist Steve Connelly, who backed Roger McGuinn during the former Byrds' "Back from Rio" comeback tour in 1990.
"I helped out down there (at Zen Studio) after school in trade for recording time," McCoy said. "We had a good time making our first real recording. I like going down there; the place has a great vibe."
Joining McCoy and Connelly in the studio was Greymarket drummer Mike Gargiulo. McCoy and Gargiulo met on the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida, where McCoy is a senior seeking a B.A. in computer engineering.
"Mike is the best rock drummer in this area," McCoy said. "People should come to our shows just to see him."
Audiences have also been receptive to the third element to the band's live show, The Laptop.
Before each show, McCoy programs the electronic elements of the music and then plays live guitar along with each track while Gargiulo bangs the drums.
"The only thing we can't do during a show is change the order of the songs," McCoy said. "But the computer doesn't stop us from screwing around within the structure of the song, which we do a lot because me and Mike are both noodlers."
But what does McCoy say when people ask him what kind of music he plays?
"I tell them 'two-piece rock with a laptop' and let them figure it out," McCoy said.
Wade Tatangelo, features writer/music critic, can be reached at 745-7051 or wtatangelo@ His blog, "In Tune with Wade," can be found at

- Bradenton Herald

"Tampa Bay's Greymarket glams it up with album Some Orbits Will Never Decay"

Tampa laptop rockers GreyMarket have spent the past two years mashing computer geekery, synthy glam goodness and drum/guitar gruffness to create one of the more fascinating dance-floor sounds in the area. The duo's new full-length, Some Orbits Will Never Decay (S.O.W.N.D) features propulsive, high-gloss rock numbers like "Hey Mr. Spaceman," which really should be an Ybor City staple by this point. Overall, Greymarket's songs would largely sound robotic, albeit grabby, if it weren't for the warm, unprocessed vocals of singer/guitarist/programmer L Cave McCoy and Mike Gargiulo's smackdown drumming. Then again, are there any points to be awarded these days for pop music actually sounding, y'know, human? - Creative Loafing Tampa


Still working on that hot first release.



GreyMarket is a rock band hailing from Tampa, Florida.

Influenced early on by the likes of Radiohead, Muse, and Led Zeppelin, drummer Michael Gargiulo and guitarist/vocalist Cave McCoy set about creating their own brand of epic rock music. Rather than disrupting their musical chemistry by trying to find other musicians with the same vision, the pair elected to fuse with laptop-powered electronics, adding sweeping strings, buzzing synths, and pounding sine-wave bass to their arsenal.

The bands single greatest asset is its ability to put on a compelling live show, fueled by commanding stage presence and technical innovation. In a close second place is the duos commitment to self-sufficiency, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. This includes recording, mixing, and mastering their own material, booking their own tours, and creating and managing their web presence themselves.

Oftentimes, the band reflects its cinematic influences more than its musical ones. Though inflections of Supertramp, Gomez, and Genesis may creep through, more evident are the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and Star Wars. After all, every song should tell a story.

Radio Play:
College, national

Played With:

  • Panic! At The Disco
  • X Ambassadors
  • The Hold Steady
  • Hinder
  • Capital Cities
  • Hank & Cupcakes
  • Big Data
  • Electric Six
  • Peter Murphy (Bauhaus)
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow
  • The Fiery Furnaces
  • Tiger City
  • Freezepop
  • New Politics
  • Quintron and Miss Pussycat
  • Murder By Death
  • Anchor and Braille
  • Modern Skirts
  • Willowz
  • World Leader Pretend


  • Florida Music Festival (Orlando, FL)
  • Heatwave Festival (Tampa, FL)
  • SummerJam (Tampa, FL)
  • PLAY:stl (St. Louis, MO)
  • Midpoint Music Festival (Cincinnati, OH)
  • M.E.A.N.Y. Fest (New York, NY)
  • Red Gorilla (Austin, TX during SXSW)
  • Texas Rockfest (Austin, TX during SXSW)
  • Best Lil' Big Fest (Austin, TX during SXSW)
  • Tropical Heatwave (Tampa, FL)
  • Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Philly FM Festival (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Mid Point Music Festival (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Dewey Beach Music Conference (Dewey Beach, DE)

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