Grey Matter

Grey Matter


The Grey Matter delivers a package of solid, creative, and energetic rock. With gritty vocals, two unique guitarists, a versatile keyboardist, and a masterful bass-drum section, the five friends cut the red tape on the hidden realms of rock fusion.


Bands take time. They develop, learning how to use all the parts that make up the whole. Grey Matter defines a band that has truly developed. Guitarist Sid Briggs and Liam Gilchrist have been playing together for nearly a decade; they fashioned several bands with different line ups, venturing into the thriving Charlottesville, VA music scene. While their playing styles contrast each other, one with a down home blues style and searing slide guitar (Gilchrist), the other with a jam rock/ funk range of greats Trey Anastasio and John Frusciante, they truly compliment one another.
Completing the band’s line up are Nicholas Mann on Keys/ Organ, Travis Marshall on bass and Mark Wilkinson on drums. Travis holds down the low end for the band but also slaps the funk groove that the band feeds off of. Wilkinson is the groups powerhouse; coming from a background consisting of progressive rock, metal and drum line, his rhythm’s help set the foundation for their creativity.
Defining Grey Matter would be a hard task. If you were to listen to a few particular songs, you might classify them as blues, reminiscent of the Allman Brothers Band. At the same time, one might place other songs under funk, jam, or alternative-rock. Most of all, you could not overlook the pure musical talents of the band. “If the song ‘Laughing Bones’ doesn’t blow your hair back, I don’t know that you have really listened,” says producer Dave Stipe, who worked with the band on their first recording. “For me, the band’s energy shines in this album. It captures their drive and full out energy.”
Looking to the future, the band will be playing show after show to support their debut record. While the songs on the self-titled album are fresh and young, don’t be surprised to receive constant updates bearing new original material. Grey Matter is serious about creating music and throwing it all at their fans, who are certain to be entertained for many years to come. Be sure to catch them soon at a venue near you.


Grey Matter's self-titled debut album was release December 12th, 2008. It will soon be available on CD Baby, iTunes, Napster, and more.

Set List

The Grey Matter usually plays two one-hour-long sets. Each set contains 6-12 songs, depending on length, and are at most times 50% originals and 50% covers. The band covers classic rock groups such as The Allman Brothers, Golden Earring, Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc. The band also pulls covers from newer bands like Phish, Pearl Jam, or the Spin Doctors.