Grey Milk

Grey Milk


Grey Milk is a group of typical New Englanders doing something atypical. This is music with a purpose. Songs of life, love, loss and the indelible strength of the human spirit are performed with dire urgency, sincerely blending intellectualism and emotion harmoniously.


After 2 years as a group with a multitude of contributors, just under 100 live shows, and a new full-length record on the horizon, Grey Milk is more ready than ever to kick things into full gear. 2006 saw the birth of Grey Milk with a debut EP entitled "Strong Bones and Teeth" and an array of shows all across the Eastern US in support of their first effort. 2007 proved to be a year of learning, growth and adaptation, as the fluid group of members expanded to collaborate on their upcoming full-length album and tested the waters with many new friends, writing music and performing all around the Eastern United States.

What has seemed a quiet period for the band in the past few months has actually been a time of intense preparation. 2008 will finally see the release of their new album, "City Parks After Dark" on Nobody's Favorite Records. With it will come a barrage of New England Shows as well as a more than three-week tour, covering their tracks of the past two years. Thereafter, Grey Milk will be in every place they can, in their many forms, from unplugged to boomingly loud, from street corner to living room to cafe to bar to venue to treehouse. Grey Milk will happily appear anywhere.

Now primarily the work of Jesse Houle and Sean Watson, with many others rotating appearnces live, the band is setting up to be constantly active in the upcoming year upon their new album's release vigorously booking dates around the country and at home in New England. Known for their high energy and positive attitude, Grey Milk takes to the stage with a dire urgency not matched by many acts of the day- especially those with an acoustic aesthetic. They are known to play in any setting in many forms, and just as their lineup varies from show to show, so can their sound. Ranging from stripped down "skim" performances to large scale exhibitions mirroring their recording effort of over 10 contributors; their show is refreshingly unpredictable and formidable for virtually any setting.

When it comes to the music itself, their sound is as varied as it is unique. With ample vocal harmonizing, intricate interactions between instruments, group participation and an undeniable intensity, their songs constantly take new form with each new setting. Stylistically Grey Milk songs are anything but static. The guitar whispers and the vocals serenade as often as the drums pound and chords rumble. Wondefully blended vocal harmonies, smooth bass lines, and tastfully added melodies from an array of instruments layer songs to a not overwhelming but satisfying completeness. Songs reach cathartic peaks from withering valleys, although never losing focus on a keen sense of humor and humility.

Lyrically, Houle focuses on both the personal and the global, the philosophical and the empirical. Fluently blending emotion with intellectualism, his songs are constantly earnest, their message relatable and altruistic, maintaining a balance of melancholy and lightheartedness. His and the band’s persistence, energy and life-affirming attitude on stage and in person, regardless of the setting, continues to win over the minds and souls of people wherever they travel making clear one thing; Grey Milk will be moving forward and with full steam for a long time to come.



Written By: Jesse Houle

And the ocean at night
With no light your senses heighten
And we can pretend we’ll fly
Under the ocean, over the sky

I’ve had enough of talk of enough time
I see now what I’ve had all along

Take me out to a cliff side
We can watch the sunrise
And we can pretend we’ll fly
Then I think finally I could die happy

We don’t have long
We’ve got now
We don’t need much
We’ve got love

And it’s not about what you know
And it’s not about where you’ve been
And it’s not about where you go
It’s all about where you are now
And it’s not about what you have
And it’s not about what you own
And it’s not about what you’ve lost
It’s all about just being right here right now

We don’t have long
We’ve got now
We don’t need much
We’ve got love

Running Circles

Written By: Jesse Houle

My head is running circles…
My head is running circles as I walk around this town
This half a town, a ghost of what was once a busy milling old town
Imagining how industry still seemed at peace and as a piece
Of economy, and vitally, then suddenly moved overseas
Now nothing’s left but memories in skeletons of these broken buildings

My head is running circles…
My head is running circles as I walk around this lake
And thinking how my life right back to birth has been a series of mistakes
It’s no conspiracy- no vanity inside of me is breeding that insanity
I see the bleak reality
It’s always only just been me meandering through everything

I write these thoughts out page by page
It doesn’t matter what I say
You draw your own conclusions
Make your interpretations

My head is running circles and the dizziness might make me puke
Oh, why the hell does this always seem to happen every time I see you?

My head is running circles…
The headaches, the heartaches
My head aches, my head is-
My head is running circles.

The Coastline is Moving South

Written By: Jesse Houle

Today was the worst day I’ve had in awhile
And being an adult feels like a childish
Thing to be proud of when that’s all you have
And nothing you plan for is within your grasp

Seeing you made me happy at first
Till I finally realized it makes you feel worse
Now there’s something about this whole Goddamn thing
Makes me feel worthless, makes me want to scream out
Oh no

Sitting next to my window staring outside
Wasting my time on MySpace, losing my mind
'Cause there isn’t an ocean within fifty miles
And even the air here, tastes stale and unkind

The coastline is moving South, it knows where to go
The earth beneath this house is leaving this town for good
It won’t be returning, it knows where to be
Eventually all of this will fall to the sea
Oh no

Because you can’t fight the ocean, you can’t stop a wave
All you can do is just give in and let it
Take you, embrace it pulling you under
At one point we all made our home in the water

So drag me out to sea, bury me in a reef
Let it take me away, disappear in the waves
Out in the ocean, erode me to sand
Take me back home again

Out in the ocean
Turn me to sand
Take me back home again

Tompkins Square

Written By: Jesse Houle

Oh my, son, you have grown
And how little you know
About what you have left
There’s no fixing this mess
Without some renewal
I don’t wish your funeral
We will fill in this nest
With all that you have left behind

In due time
Do what you must do
Go on, I trust you

I’ll always remember
The nights that we spent just
Laid outstretched on the van
At four in the a.m.
With grass stains on our knees
From playing hide and seek
In city parks after dark
I found you in the playground

Hiding from me
Or was it something
So much more frightening
You couldn’t tell me

I know you’ll remember
The times that we’ve spent just
Late out nights on our bikes
The rooftops, the streetlights
That lit up the concrete
Where we’d lay in the street
Or empty lots after dark
I found myself those nights

More than just memories
These are a part of me
Do what you must do
Go on, I trust you

Go for it!
Go for it!
Go for it!
Go forth

Don’t wait till winter
While it’s still September
You won’t live forever
I know you’ll remember me, friend

Bad, Bad News

Written By: Jesse Houle

You say,
“Send ‘em all away”
You say, “Hey, man,
Go get a job”
And talk about problems
And clutter the day
With talk about problems
You don’t know shit about anyway

That bad, bad news
You love bad news

The person who died you don’t know
You saw on TV
Your only relation to her
Is geography
Still I gotta hear about
Your fake sympathy
Mourning a person that yesterday
You flipped off driving down the street

You love bad news
That bad, bad news

A world full of problems, they tell ya
A world full of hate, they show ya
A world full of dangerous children’s toys
of theft and disease and assault and rape
A tiny world in a slanted scope, ie:
A world without AIDS
A media neutered by sponsorship, by ownership
With no balls to say any fucking thing

It’s bad, bad news
And you love it

You say
“Did you see the news today?”
You say, “Hey, man,
I’m just doin’ my job”
These petty problems
And this constant need to complain
Well I’ll shoot the messenger, POW POW
And I’ll piss on his grave- oh shit now!


Written By: Jesse Houle

Tired and bored
That makes me boring
And I don’t think that I want to change
Don’t want to wait
Don’t want to forget
I’m better this way
Tired and hurt
Burned out on Bukowski
And drinking myself to an end
No point
No worth
Say you care and I’ll know you’re pretending

You make me whole
You know, you make me

And you say you know that you don’t know
And you know it means nothing to know
But if there’s a lot that you don't know
Then you got a bit more than you know

And you’ll never know what you will be
If you will it don’t mean it will be
cuz The future won’t be what we see
Because you can’t control what you can’t be

Letting go of the past isn’t easy
But it’s a task you can achieve, see
What matters isn’t the past
What does is just what you have right now

It’s easy to hurt
More easy to worry
Will anything good ever last?
“There’s got to be more,”
You say so unsure
Of the faith that you have in that fact
No time to waste
But no need to hurry
If you focus ahead then too fast
Will time
Be unraveling
So dream of yourself where you are

No Flag

Written By: Jesse Houle

I’m not free inside a country
I can see that train a-comin'
And no flag do I live under
Ain’t no flag will bring back my brother

I will be shot dead runnin'
I can see that white light comin'
I don’t mean to be grumblin'
But I can see the State’s a-crumblin'

I’m runnin' away
I don’t know the way
I don’t know to where

You and me, aren’t we something?
Always be missing something
Darlin, please know this one thing
You will be with me always

But I’m runnin' away
And I don’t know the way
And I don’t know to where

Every border is another wall
Every flag divides us all


Written By: Jesse Houle

I met a man today
He asked me for a light
I had to turn him down even though I thought he was polite
Woke up in the morning
And I swear it was last night
I stopped to take a look around and found that not a thing was right

And so I, I took a ride down to, to Carolina
Cost me every dime I had and more but I can’t say I mind
Well I woke up in a rest stop in the middle of the night
I tried to take a look up to the sky, was blinded by the light
And I thought, I’ve never seen the stars
Upon the canvas of true
Night is always covered by our artificial lights

Conversations incomplete
And looking back now I can see that

There was a time when I, I could be certain
That there was something important inside of me
Now how much time does it take to be a person
Who has lost the drive and lives in memories?
In the quest for eternal life
You will discover that you have lived so much less
Than if you spend your entire life
Finding ways to cross the line and stare down death

Sentences that fall apart
Before our lips can mouth the start

In the quest for eternal life
You will discover that you have lived so much less
Than if you spent your entire life
Finding ways to cross the line and stare down death

I cross the line, I’m on the wrong side of the road

The Product of Good Times Corrupted

Written By: Jesse Houle

This fire
It doesn't burn in me quite the way it ought
It's barely burning inside me at all
It should be tearing away at these walls
It should be melting the insides of me

It's hard to swallow
To digest, to breathe

We're in
The eye of a storm that's been raging for years
Soon enough I'll be returning with rain
And it keeps on falling to wash far away
What's left of the ash that remains of that flame

This is...we are
The product of good times corrupted

And I have been drowning in this flood for days
While you have been locked up inside of yourself
This water boils a fiery hell
I can't stop the current from pulling me out

Then on the horizon I see
An aura surrounding your face
A glimpse of you fading away
With a halo of colors around you
And I try and swim back to shore
I'm fighting to swim back to shore
I'm too weak to fight anymore


Written By: Jesse Houle

I have your letter unwritten
The words are somewhere in my mind
Maybe some day I could still write you
But then it’d always be behind
When the sky turned to yellow
And we hid from the rain
I could feel myself tremble as I
Looked at the bullet and I questioned the stain

I watch the world through a window
I film made of blurry visions
And every town that we pass through
Is another I’d like to live in
Ascending through unfamiliar
Tiny roads climbing mountains
This house is just like a tree-fort
It’s always raining when you live in the clouds

Passing miles of cornfields
One hundred miles of grapevines
And there again is a billboard
Enough to leave me with sore eyes
A giant statue of Jesus
And I’m surrounded by churches
Next to a triple-x megaplex complex
I guess they all serve their purpose

Another unwritten postcard


"Strong Bones and Teeth" EP - Released 05/06

"City Parks After Dark" - Full Length Album due March 2008

Set List

A typical set runs about 45 minutes but can be as long as an hour and a half or as short as need be. Songs in each set vary- all are selected from a catalog of over 25 original songs.

Loose Ends
Camping at Home
Uprooted, Part I
The Concept
Waiting for Nothing
Bad, Bad News
Running Circles
Uprooted, Part II
No Flag
Last Step
Tompkins Square
The Coastline is Moving South
Sea Jam
The Product of Good Times Corrupted
The Past Few
Meteor Shower
East and West
A Day in the Life of a Death of a Friend
So Long