Grey Monday

Grey Monday


It’s hard to define the actual genre of Grey Monday as their songs are very versatile. It’s all about heavy guitar riffs, melodic passages to sing along, and beautiful clean parts, complete with a solid rock foundation of bass and drums, a powerful live voice and some emotional guitar solos…


Why “Grey Monday”? As easy as that: This band’s got a recipe against grey Mondays and the stress of everyday life: Rockin’ the pain away! Grey Monday consists of four young musicians – they’re all between 18 and 19 years old, which many people can’t believe as they hear their sound.

The humble beginnings were in 2001, when guitarist Don decided to have fun covering rock tunes together with some friends. In 2002, his brother joined the band, and after having some first successful gigs, the two started to write songs for Grey Monday in 2003.
In September 2004, the project began to get a lot more intense as they made a Demo record at Power Ride studios, helped by Tom Blunier (Lead guitarist of the well-known Swiss Hardrock Band “Shakra”). Although they used only two days for the recording process, the 3-track CD got great reviews from musicians, promoters and fans. Thanks to this, they managed to get one gig per month in 2005, including some club gigs, but also bigger stages, such as: at the Swiss Hardrock Festival in Z7, Pratteln, or Hutturock – to name the Highlights (about 600 people at each of the two). Grey Monday have always managed to get a great grip to the public and show a very intense rock concert at these events. Also, the Demo has been played at two swiss Radio stations multiple times, and the band has been reviewed on several internet sites and a magazine.
2006 has started well with some more great gigs and songwriting, so let’s see what’s yet to come!


We've only recorded the 3-track studio DemoCD "16:12" so far, which has been in september 2004, so quite a lot has happened since then. We're currently looking for a label to realize our first LP or Maxi-Single project!

Set List

We have 16 own songs for a set of about 90 minutes so far - some more are always in the making. There are a few ballads, but most of the tracks are heavy rock songs with a lot of variety. Most of them feature both calm and loud parts. In addition, we often throw in one or two very classic covers per show, such as Born to be wild, School’s out etc.