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Greyscale 4-Song EP - 2001 (independent)
Eventmentality - 2004 (independent)
Discord For The Dead Kid - 2005 (Battleborn Records)
Audition For the Collective Soul - 2008 (independent)



Greyscale originated in New York in the summer of 2000. Founding members Jon Middleman and Kristian Raimo wanted to do something heavier that still had a melodic feeling to it. Greyscale toured around the New England area and the mid Atlantic States quickly developing a loyal following. Greyscale opened up for such acts as Maroon Five, Trust Company and CKY. In addition Greyscale opened up for such older acts as Quiet Riot, Dee Snider and Zebra.
In 2004 the band was signed to Battleborn Records and moved out to the west coast on recommendation of the label. Since then Greyscale has opened up for bands such as The Lost Prophets, Lacuna Coil, Rehab and Fishbone. Greyscale recorded their debut album, "Discord For The Dead Kid" (*read story behind the album title below,) in 2005 and developed a strong following nationally. Greyscale has recently recorded new material and is looking for a bigger label to take them to the next level. Accolades are given to the band whenever and wherever they are heard. This includes when their new single "Resistance is Futile" was recently put into regular rotation on 100.9 KRZQ, Reno.

*The story behind "Discord for the Dead Kid":

When we moved to the West Coast, we dropped everything in New York, hopped into our old van and left. And when we say "everything" we mean families, apartments, jobs, friends, lives and all personal items - most notably, furniture! When we arrived to our 4 bedroom, low-income housing apartment, we had nothing. No table, no chairs, no beds, no desks, no appliances, no cups or glasses, no silverware or china, no couches and of course no entertainment center.
One day our new friend, the firefighter, called and told us that he knew of a whole bunch of furniture that was being given away from a house in town. Being the scavengers that we had become, we jumped into his truck to go check it out. And as he had said, there was a house who's occupants had suddenly vacated, leaving all their furniture and possessions behind.
So as we loaded up this furniture, consisting of pink couches with leopard print pillows, we asked our friend if he knew what had happened there. He proceeded to tell us, very nonchalantly, that a young married couple had gotten into a horrible fight. The couple apparently had a large age difference between them with the wife being somewhat older than her teenage husband. As the argument peaked, the husband had turned to walk away. And while holding their infant child in her arms, the wife pulled out a gun from behind her back and shot him in the back of the head.
Needless to say - WOW, that was one we weren't expecting! It didn't change our need for furniture though, so we took everything we could fit in the truck back to our apartment and made it look a little more home, and a little less crack den. Every time from then on, if anything strange or inexplicable happened in the apartment, our answer was, "Oh, the dead kid did it," mocking the possibility of him haunting our new possessions.
So during our struggle to obtain some sort of semblance of normalcy here in our new home, we recorded this album. We kind of felt like we had to pay tribute to our friend, the dead kid, who had left us his household possessions so that we could make a home for ourselves. So combining our lack of concord and the homage to the dead kid that we wanted to pay with these songs, these cords; our album became "Discord for the Dead Kid."