Grey Society

Grey Society


A high energy show, with raw sound. A blend of classic rock feel combined with modern lyrics. Emphasis is on originality and creative song writing.


Grey Society was formed in the summer of 2003 by bassist Ron Woomer and guitarist/songwriter Todd Brant. The two had been in previous local bands and have performed studio sessions in the Pittsburgh, PA area. An energized live act with a classic rock feel and catchy hooks, this band features a very talented line up.

Vocalist Mike Kennedy joined the group in September of 2003, bringing the key ingredient to songs already in the works. His smooth tone and catchy phrasing places this act into a commercial setting, at the same time having a raw edge.

Guitarist Todd Brant shares the backup harmonies. Todd is a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA. In addition to teaching, he has performed many shows and recordings in Los Angeles(Rokkin Horse, Paramount Studios), Baltimore, MD(Bill Dickson & MTT, The Imposters, Drat Production Studios), Michigan(Zarcon Studios), South Carolina(Tina LaRicci) and Pittsburgh, PA(Sunburn, Broken Promise, Soundscape studios).

Bassist Ron Woomer adds a very unique melodic sound to Grey Society. Ron won a scholarship to North Greenville State College in South Carolina. In addition to studying with Steve Watson, he has done freelance work over the years and has production experience as well in Pittsburgh, PA(Soundscape Studios) and live experience(Sunburn, The Swirleys).

Drummer Mark Panek gives solid punch to the band's high energy live show. Mark is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He has many hours of recording, workshops and touring experience(Jodee Messina, The Grassroots, Foghat, 38 Special). Mark is also endorsed by Vic Firth Sticks Drum Shop and DW Drums.

Grey Society is currently doing Fall clubs/venues in the Southwestern PA region and plan on hitting other markets and regions in the Winter of 2004. They also have just been included on the, Sound CD Vol. 1 Compilation. Look for their follow up to a 3-song demo(recorded Dec, 2003) in early 2005.


Wild Child

Written By: Todd Brant

Hovering gently,
on a world you call your home
Asking for reason,
a child is on her own
She had to ask permission,
to walk to the other side
When her mother finally answered,
the reason had died

She was a wild child
Taking it day by day
She was a wild child
With something left to say

Character often measured,
by how she played the day
When asking for reason,
there was nothing left to say
But the distance of seasons,
in a world she called home
Begging for reason,
she's still on her own


Today she's smiling
Tomorrow's another day
And now she's leaving
Tomorrow she's on her way


Flying angry,
in a world without a home
Ignoring reason,
this girl can't take no more
Now a parent often wonders,
how she copes today
And her daughter never answered,
as she slowly walked away



Written By: Todd Brant

Life's games,
take advantage of the ups,
deal with the downs
I'll stay here,
as long as,
you are around

You cleanse my soul,
taught me to learn,
taught to me to fight
Now I'm here and bold,
starting to learn,
the lessons of life

Some say the strong,
are a mold of,
eternal light
But I have been told,
that they're,
nowhere in sight
But they taught me,
the lessons of life


Thanks to all,
that is mentioned,
in eternal life
For they taught me,
the lessons of life


It Ain't You

Written By: Todd Brant

Don't worry baby
Cause it ain't you
All kinds of people
In this world

Don't try to talk
Cause it ain't you
Don't need no confusion

It ain't you
It ain't you
It ain't you

Don't take up smoking
Cause it ain't cool
All around you

Don't give up dancing
Cause it's you
People looking,
for work out there


And when you act like a child
You go the extra mile
It doesn't matter what you do

Don't listen to voices
Cause there not you
All kinds of strangers
In this world

Don't worry baby
Cause it ain't you
All kinds of people
In this world



Grey Society - 3 track demo

Set List

Our set list of cover songs range from all rock genres, from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today. Our music is diverese enough to keep an audience entertained for up to 3 hours. We also incorparate our orginal music into our live shows.

Covers include material from:
The Beatles
Neil Young
Cheap Trick
Bad Company
Duran Duran
A Flock Of Seagulls
Stone Temple Pilots
Collective Soul
Seven Mary Three
The Black Crowes
Three Doors Down
The White Stripes
Foo Fighters

Original songs:
Wild Child
It Ain't You
The Road
Come And Gone
Your Day
Seems Like Something New
Wrong Turn