Greywall is an Alternative Rock/Metal band from the outskirts of Chicago. Greywall combines soft, dark expression filled sounds with illuminating, face punching tangents. Greywall is influenced by an eclectic mix of genres and is engaging to an eclectic mix of fans.


Dave and Rob were co-workers who had been in various bands before and decided to embark on writing original songs based on what they wanted to hear, not necessarily as musicians but as people who enjoy music. After writing for several months, they found Bryan who also had a storied background with various bands. It was soon evident that all three shared a similar vision for the direction of Greywall. They continued writing and recording in an effort to play live and introduce as many people as possible to the sounds of Greywall. Greywall's wide array of influences allows them to fit the genre, but create a sound all their own.


Greywall currently has three songs available for free download at