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Görgön Hörde

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Heart of the City Gearing Up Again!"

Friday March 16 we’ll showcase some fresh punk and hip hop acts down at Towers Pub, the campus bar at MacEwan University. The bill for this show is ferocious! KazMega, Maintain Status Quo, Kemo Treats, Görgön Hörde, and Locution Revolution will all bring the noise. $5 cover – worth every rockin’ penny. - Boyle McCauley News (Volume 33 Number 2

"Year Of The Görgön Album Review"

Edmonton’s own Görgön Hörde shows that punk is alive and well on its second full-length release. 'Year of the Görgön' effectively combines old-school punk and heavy rock with some tracks having more of a notable country twang or classic-rock kick to them. - VUE Weekly (Edition 853, Page 31) (Edmonton, Alberta)

"Görgön Hörde and Miesha and the Spanks bring the fun"

t looked like a sparse audience for the Görgön Hörde, Miesha and the Spanks and Smokestack Jacks at the Slice, Jan. 22, so the show started late. El Görgön, the charismatic and cursing vocalist of the Edmonton garage punk trio noticed some of the stragglers trickling in, and started the band’s set over again just for them.

Al, Matt and Luke put on an energetic and fun-filled set of original ear-bleeding garage punk which was reminiscent of Nomeansno.

They sang a variety of songs about mall cops, the sasquatch liberation front, Jesus and mad scientists, so you knew you couldn’t take them too seriously as the lead Gorgon, who sported an old University of Lethbridge CKUL T-shirt, grinned a mischievous, evil grin and told the audience about when he grew up in Lethbridge, the city was known for two things — the wind and its “scumbags,” then dedicated a song to the latter.

Miesha and the Spanks were in fine form for a solid set following that.

Drummer Stuart Bota was playing fantastic rhythms like he was on fire and Miesha Louie played catchy guitar at ear blistering volume levels and belted out garagey/ bluesy vocal melodies. - LA Beat (Lethbridge, Alberta)


EP's & LP's

1. Year Of The Görgön LP --> Released Feb. 17, 2012
2. Görgön Hörde LP --> Released Jan. 21, 2011
3. Sorry Sister EP --> Released Jun. 19, 2010


1. 2011 FunDrive Compilation --> Released Oct. 26, 2011
- Released by CJSR FM 88.5 (Edmonton, Alberta)
- Contributed Track #9 (Angry Scientists)
2. The Chunk (Volume 2) --> Released Aug. 7, 2011
- Released by Dead City Radio (St. Albert, Alberta)
- Contributed Track (Telephone)
3. "NO" Compilation (Volume 2) --> Released Apr. 23, 2010
- Released by Workerbee Records (Ames, Iowa)
- Contributed Track #22 (Görgöns On The Moon)



Görgön Hörde formed on a hot summer day in Edmonton back in August 2009, when Al Görgön (drums) and El Görgön (bass guitar/lead vocals) decided to drown their sorrows one night at a bar on the main campus of the University of Alberta. They were lamenting the fact that while they were getting older and finding it damn near impossible to find good people to play music with, any untalented bozo with a weepy guitar and a shaggy haircut had gig opportunities coming out the wazoo. It was at this time that Al admitted that in addition to playing the bass, he knew how to bang around on the drums a bit, and thus the band was born.

The name Görgön Hörde was selected because it was agreed that Gorgons (mythical monsters from ancient Greek mythology that could turn one to stone should they catch your gaze) were downright nasty creatures, and that the only thing more terrifying than a single, solitary Gorgon on the loose was a whole horde of them. Umlauts were added to the “o’s” in the band’s name to throw people off and make it appear like the band was a dark metal outfit, when in fact, its sound was much more in line with what one would expect listening to an old album made by Iggy Pop or The Ramones.

However, the band still needed a guitarist. A poster was quickly put together and plastered all over the University area, and Matt Thunder (a young Computing Science Major at the U of A) responded in short order, completing the band’s original line-up. Over the next 18 months, Görgön Hörde released Sorry Sister (its debut EP) and Görgön Hörde (its first full-length album) in 2010 and 2011 respectively, and supported the latter with a mini-tour through Southern Alberta.

Due to circumstances beyond his control (namely a career opportunity that would make him great gobs of money), Thunder announced that he was leaving the band in March of 2011. He was promptly replaced by Görgar Görgön, who brought a guitar sound that was more aggressive and layered (in contrast to Thunder’s stripped-down style). The band’s schedule became much more hectic, with guest appearances and live performances on various independent radio and on-line programs, a second mini-tour through Southern Alberta, and an increasing number of shows in Edmonton.

The band has no plans on slowing down this year, and released Year of the Görgön (its third CD), on February 17, 2012. Year of the Görgön will be made available for free on the band’s website and various social media outlets (including pages on Reverb Nation, Facebook, MySpace, and Band Camp), and the band plans to support it with more guest appearances on independent media outlets, several shows across Alberta and into Saskatchewan, and a tour into BC this summer. The band’s overall goal? Have fun and find more people willing to listen to the Preachers of Punk and their message of rock n’ roll salvation!