Griddle is a band that captures your attention with quirky but catchy melodies, having fun on stage while they psychprogpop their imprint onto your brain. If you are looking for something new and category-resistant, and you like bands who are always searching, then you'll love Griddle.


Musical migrants from the East, Midwest, and Hawaii now based in Northern California, the members of Griddle bring with them a wide array of influences (70's rock, Jazz, Punk, Pop), and a willingness to blend them. A truly seasoned bunch, the boys have
toured worldwide over the years in many bands, playing in Japan, China, France, and of course throughout the States. Griddle played a two-week run in Paris in 2001, and has toured regionally numerous times.

The band has produced all three releases, experimenting with new recording strategies and exploring new ways of writing songs. The result is a sound that nobody could have contrived, and which nobody can predict. The music feels like laughter from a joke among old friends, and you've just been let in on the punch line. The infectious good time enters the ear and worms its way to your limbic system with a secret blend of humor and suspense on a bed of twisting melodies. Watch for the big yellow van as we laugh our way there.

Bands who have shared the stage with Griddle recently: Two Gallants, McLusky, the Tubes, Minipop, 20 Minute Loop, Loop!Station, Hairy Apes BMX, Eric McFadden, Deadweight, the Freak Accident, Kehoe Nation, Elephone, Persephone's Bees.

The San Francisco venues at which Griddle performs most frequently are Bottom of the Hill, the Red Devil Lounge, and the Independent.


Three full-length CDs:
Beak (2002)
Turning Violet (2004)
Klimty Favela (2006)

Set List

Our set list varies dramatically from show to show, but is usually 40-65 minutes. All but one song are drawn from the three LPs; one song in each set is a cover song, which changes each show. Past covers have included Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom," the Who's "The Kids Are Alright," the Monkees' "Porpoise Song," Stevie Wonder's "He's Misstra Know It All," Big Country's "In A Big Country," Outkast's "Hey Ya," Frank Zappa's "Bowtie Daddy," and the Kinks' "Do You Remember Walter?"