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This release sounds like a band that has been playing for a decade.
It has the tight sound of band members intuitively in sync with each other,who believe in their material and who have the musical ability to express it.
The album demonstates a band willing to step out of a formulated pattern and to stand on their own feet - not easy in a music environment that encourages the familiar over the unfamiliar.
Written and recorded in Northland,the CD is a great indication of local talent and a great incentive for Whangarei bands.
Michael Hollack - Northern Advocate


Debut album from Gridlock titled And You Are ? released on the Wahoo label in 2007.
Radio play limited to local stations at this stage.



The Gridlock Project is a band that began around 2006 in a Town North of Auckland New Zealand called Whangarei.A group of friends who were also fairly competent musicians decided to join together and release an album titled Gridlock and You Are ? It was a mixture of pop,rock and reggae with some nice melodic vocals to go with it.
Recorded over late 2006 and into 2007 the album was then released in may 2007 to good reviews.
A cd launch followed which was a huge success on the night with 300+ people showing up.
The band continued promoting itself around the Northland area to more good reviews then a slight set back happened with 2 members leaving due to family commitments.
2 more replacements were found in time for a music video which was filmed and then released onto local TV in june 2008.
The project has continued to evolve with the band now a 4 piece and relaunching itself in late September with all original members having left from the 2006 line up for various reasons except for the original singer Yimmy he still remains.
The band will continue to grow musically and the flavours that have come and gone from previous members will always remain but new flavours will also appear most likely on The Gridlock Projects 2nd album which is ear marked for 2009.
The Gridlock Project is a fascinating story really and that is why it is a project because many people both in and around the band have contributed to the cause which although it began officially in 2006 it was often discussed at great lengths as early as 2002 but only truly became a possibility in 2006.
The true common bond at the heart of the band is its members love of 80's retro bands like The Police,Madness,Men at Work etc.
This is what really got everyone together on the same level and it cotinues on with the newer members also.