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Grieve for Tomorrow

Band Alternative Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Co-founder of band serving in Iraq with Air Force"

This year, co-founder Gregory Steward, 20, of the band Katharsis will receive a new guitar and amplifier for Christmas from his band. Instead of unwrapping it in front of them, he will in Iraq.
According to the band members, Steward is the "heart, soul and liver" of this band.
The members of the band, Michael Gonzalez, 27, of West Covina, Mark Bovino, 20, of Ontario, Bryan Cadell, 19, and Adam "Adom" Munoz, 25, of Rancho Cucamonga and brother Dan are continuing Steward's work of art.
When did Gregory leave for Iraq?
Dan: He left for Iraq in August for the air force to serve the country.
What is it like without him?
Dan: We added Mike and we're just trying to keep it going from where he left us at.
What is going to happen when he returns?
Dan: It's going to be completely different and orchestrated, we're going to have six man band.
What does the name of your band mean?
Adam: By definition it means purging of emotions.
Bryan: Through a traumatic experience.
Dan: Going through the dictionary the word sounded interesting and it seemed to fit the music we play.
Adam: And we wanted


to spell it with a `k' because it (looks) cooler.
What has influenced the band's sound?
Adam: We have such a wide array of musical that we all appreciate and draw from so we really have no way to pin point it to one particular band or one certain genre. It's just from everything that we listen to and everything we like.
What does your music sound like?
Mark: Me and Adam came up with this on the way home with the credit of Bryan but we have never have been able to pin point the type of musical genre so we are going to stick with calling it "weirdo.".
What does "weirdo" mean?
Mark: We're going to call it weirdo because it is in a sub-genre of metal but it can be classified as anything else.
Dan: It's because we don't fit in with anybody specifically. We can play with metal, emo and alternative bands and it may be a little bit different but it can fit.
Who writes the music and lyrics?
Dan: We all takes turns on that but honestly Greg wrote most of the lyrics for the current set. My brother and I dig off of each other for a lot of stuff.
Adam: It takes everyone's stamp of approval. We have to say "I'm willing to put my name on this," or "I like this song." It has to be a good song that we appreciate and are willing to play for as many people as possible who want to listen.
If you could switch places with one person in the band who would it be?
Michael: I would switch with Bryan because I respect what he does because he has a way of teaching us.
Adam: I would love to switch places with Mark because I would love to be able to play as fast as he does -- it's amazing.
Dan: I would like to switch places with my little brother. Not so much musically but just to feel the things he feels, I am very passionate about the music but he's the complete heart and soul.
- Canan Tasci, Staff Writer Daily bulletin


EPDecember 2005- Will I wake, For You, Dead as my Heart, never Forgive or forget

EP June 2006- For You, York, Dead is my Heart, Never Good Enough, Never Forgive or Forget are currently played on the radio. For You is our most popular single released.

EP January 2008- Hold on, Another Broken Heart, Faceless Heroes, Vanish Before my Eyes, 180 Proof



Grieve For Tomorrow is a 4 piece Alternative Metal band from Southern California. Grieve for Tomorrow was formed by Greg & Dan Steward of "Katharsis"(04'-07') and Danny Lape & Dane McNair of "Shot in the Dark"(06'-07'). After differences in their prior bands they decided make the Ultimate Group, "Grieve for Tomorrow".

G4T's influences range from: Iron Maiden, Metallica, All that Remains, Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Still remains, Lamb of God, August Burns Red, Norma Jean, Trivium to Shinedown, Greenday, Sum 41, Offspring, Fallout Boy, Three Days grace and pleanty more.

2008 Grieve for Tomorrow officially endorses: AIDS Foundation, Volunteer Postal Service, Children w/ Cerebral Paisy, Support the Troops, Sponsor Seniors, Childrens Hospital of L.A., Pets for Kids and do many Benefit shows for Children & Teens w/ cancer.

Why should any come see Grieve for Tomorrow's live show? Here's your answer! G4T is Hard-striving, Dedicated, Professional, Fun, and know how to get the job done without Disrespecting anyone, type of BAND. Come Support their cause and donate to childrens foundations. If you want Heart Pounding, Guitar Spinning, Kick Fliping, Headbanging, Sing along choruses, Catchy Heavy Melodic Riffs and, Feel like your in the band, and know that they care, Grieve for Tomorrow is who you want to see!