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Griffin @ BeNeLux & Germany

Not Wise Enough SummerTour, Not Applicable, Other

Not Wise Enough SummerTour, Not Applicable, Other

Griffin @ Poppodium LVC

Leiden, Not Applicable, Netherlands

Leiden, Not Applicable, Netherlands

Griffin @ Poppodium Join

Noordwijik, Not Applicable, Netherlands

Noordwijik, Not Applicable, Netherlands

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Impressive is the correct word for Griffin, and this band makes a remarkable impression with the same sound many an American would struggle with.

The band plays pop punk, with a bit more balls than bands such as Blink 182 and The Offspring. In the cradle of such music, the States would have a big hit with opening track Radio Star, containing lyric lines: She’s A Radio star, She’s on MTV, She’s The Queen of The Teens… Also the implementation is superb, with production, done on the band’s own initiative is perfect. In the US it would probably have been produced a little less firm, but that is the advantage of Griffin.

It’s allowed to rock, the band is definitely punk, but also makes shamelessly exuberant pop tracks. One description: “Two thumbs up!” - Plato Mania, Spring 2005

The trio from Noordwijk follows its own path and produces Americanised guitar rock in the lines of Weezer, Nada Surf, Nirvana, and Silverchair. The musicians understand their job and sound like a unity. “Not Wise Enough To Think Smart” is without doubt one of the better debut albums of the past few years coming from Dutch soil. - Music Minded, March 2005, by Gabriella van Karsbergen

“Every track has completely its own framework and keeps it own style from beginning through to the end”.

“….The strong Kurt Cobain reminding voice tricks of singer/guitar player Bastian Wetting form a solid base” - Oor, March 2005, by Wouter Dielesen

“Nothing more than praise for the alternative rock of Griffin. Everyone can clearly hear that music is a huge passion of this trio. Eleven tracks on this album are piece by piece great compositions, where they spend a lot of attention to the implementation”. - Aardschok, March 2005, Arold Pietersma

“It is time. If you have an encounter with your personal biggest discovery of the year, you always expect this to happen somewhere after your summer holidays. Rubbish of course, and God I am very excited that it already dropped on my door mat. I am talking of course about Griffin, the trio from Noordwijk that has left an indelible impression on me. Unfortunately I now have to write about a mix of pop, punk, and alternative which may create disinterest to some people, because I would really want to convince all people to just undergo this feeling. The band has a firm foot in the soil, mainly because of the superb productions, but also because of the strong compositions. I have seldom heard a Dutch singer so laidback and elegant with the way he moves through the music. Lowlands, Essent and 3FM, go and hear, see, broadcast and program!” - Live XS, April 2005, Mark van Wijk

“Filled with tension I ask myself if I can finally listen to an album again made by people that really love music. More then 45 minutes later there is without no doubt only one answer: YES!”

“With their debut album Not Wise Enough To Think Smart, Griffin proves that there is without doubt talent in The Netherlands and that we don’t always have to focus abroad”. -, April 2005, Rene Kuijs

“The rock tracks are very radio friendly and should not be overshadowed by bands from the States. This kind of music can easily score with the big public and they will for sure rock with our neighbouring countries”. -, March 2005, Kevin Cools


‘Not Wise Enough To Think Smart’
(MSR/Pitar, 2005, S&K Studio)

Single: ‘Nothing to Die for’ (Radio & TV Airplay)

Single: ‘Radiostar’ (Radio Airply)

single: ‘Got No Feelings’ (Radio Airply)

‘Split 10” EP Griffin/Smogus’
(Wotnxt Records, 2000, Art of Sound Studio)

Single:‘Never Been, Never, Will’



Griffin (NL) A Kick Ass Rockin' PopPunk Alternative Trio

Three guys that are already making a big impression on the Dutch rock pop market.

The teaming of these partners in Rhyme resulted in a team that stimulates each other in their enthusiasm, creativity, and their search for the maximum in their musical possibilities.

After the very sad death of Bastians father in 1992, Bastiaan threw himself into his music and his emotions fuelled him to let go of thoughts and hurt transforming him into a prolific, heartfelt songwritter allong with Niles Vandenberg.

As the heart of the band , Bastians voice resembles a Kurt Cobain like essence in the way he glides effortlessly through the music, to many a great review from tv and newspaper press.

After also winning several top Dutch music competitions, Griffin were featured in many tv spots and recieved much radio and video airplay,for the fantastic track ' Nothing to die for'.
Climbing into the top 10 airplay charts alongside Anouk and Kane, two of Hollands most successful acts.

Due to the success of the previous events Griffin found themselves in a busy period gigging to thrilled audiences,they were headlining their own shows as well as playing alongsides bands such as BOO! (SA), Danko Jones (CAN), Millionaire (BE), and Sugarcult (USA).

Afgelopen jaar werd het debuutalbum 'Not Wise Enough To Think Smart' opgenomen in de S&K studio in Doetinchem onder leiding van de gerenommeerde producer Dick Kemper (Autumn, Intwine, Feeler, Vandenberg).

Naar aanleiding van het album speelde Griffin zowel eigen shows, als voorprogramma shows voor bands als Danko Jones (CAN), Sugarcult (USA), Millionaire (BE), BOO (SA), en nederlandse acts als o.a. Voicst, Intwine en Green Lizard.

De band Griffin is in 1998 opgericht door de zanger en gitarist Bastiaan Wetting. Al snel had hij zijn partners in crime bij elkaar, zijnde Niles van den Berg (drums) en Marc van der Meer (bas). Een muzikaal krachtig trio dat elkaar goed aanvult en uitdaagt, het maximale uit ieders creativiteit en muzikale mogelijkheden haalt.

Bands zoals o.a. de Ramones, Nirvana en Silverchair zijn de inspiratiebron geweest voor de ruige vorm van alternatieve rock die Griffin ten gehore brengt.

Al snel na de oprichting ontdekte in 1998 de jury van de Bollenstreek prijs wat Griffin in zich had en beloonde dit door hen hoog te laten eindigen in deze talentenjacht.

TV West was zo enthousiast over Griffin dat zij samen met de band in 1999 een videoclip hebben gemaakt van het nummer Nothing To Die For. De single stond lange tijd op nr. 2 in de top tien van het programma Westpop van de lokale TV zender, naast bekende bands als Kane en Anouk.

1999 was een druk jaar voor Griffin, er werd een demo opgenomen met 12 songs erop en een ep met 3 songs.

Griffin heeft het afgelopen jaar veel aandacht gekregen, door menig critici te verassen met hun debuutalbum.

Mede door de live shows hebben ze lovende recensies gekregen en maken ze hun reputatie als ‘Rockin' PopPunk Alternative Machine’ op de planken meer dan waar.