Griffin is rich in history in the St. Louis market. Beginning in 1973 and running through 1987, then resurrected in 2005 by near-original member Greg Bishop. We are built for dancing. A HUGE variety of music, from Motown to current with an emphasis on 70's and 80's dance and funk.


We are local veterans. Our resumes include Griffin, Powerhouse, Trickshot, Rythym Rockers, Scanners, Project 3, Candy, Chrome Heart and on and on. Our goal is to keep people dancing and in addition to a dance-friendly song list we also perform it with very few stops. Besides a current Griffin website AND a historic Griffin website we also maintain a St. Louis area mailing list that can benefit local clubs.We have the most modern Moving-yoke and Color-changing light show around, and a P A thet can play a 100 cap. room to a 1000 capacity room.



Set List

Our typical set is 50 min-1 hour. We usually do 4 sets and sometimes this only allows for a 35 min or so final set. We are bendable in this area. Variety is the key for us. Here is our 3rd set, for example:

Shining Star
Brick House
Sexy Thing
Give up the Funk
Funky Music
I’ve Done Everything
The Middle
Good Lovin’
Doctor Doctor
You Shook Me