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-Grimm Mafia Mix Album Vol. 1: Cut From The Same Cloth (Current CD)
-C-Skreal Mixtape: Gotta C My Skreal (2006)
-Grimm Mafia Mixtape: Grimm City (2006)
-Stand Back Mix Vol. 3: Underrated (Never released)
-Stand Back Mix Vol. 2: Chopped N Screwed (2004)
-Young Los Single "The Bit^h and the Hoe" (2003)
-Grimm Mafia Esingle "The Crackhouse Is Jumpin'" (2003)
-Young Snakes Single "High N Humble" (2003)
-Big Bang Theory Compilation CD (2002)
-Stand Back Family Mix CD Vol. 1 (2002)
-Mizery Beatz Mixtape Vol. 1-3 (2002)