Austin, Texas, USA
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Personality on Wheels, a stellar show of dark comical wit, clever, deep, and reflective. A stage show full of pizzazz and beautiful magnetism, clear mic control, wit and a energetic - creative force that is absolute.


Local Austinite and Oxygen TV star, Grimnasty has a unique stage show can be summed up as a polymathic, energetic ball of energy and wit. Coupling creative artistry with music has always been his niche, flooding regions of the US. with his branding which can be seen from LA to NY.  February of this year marked, a milestone in his success starring in the reality , hip hop art show, Street Art Throwdown which aired on 4 networks and continues in syndication. Now currently filming for two new shows including "The Grimnasty Show" by the producers of Snooky & J Wow affiliated with MTV.  Branding is his forte, traveling constantly making appearances and collaborations with companies like MoneyGram, High Times, District Of LeBrea, Sprite, Complex Magazine, and many others.  With over 12 musical releases, 300k+ widget spins, and 100k views on Youtube, Grimnasty has been sought after to open hip hop shows for a variety of musical talents like Kool Keith, 2 Chainz, Methodman, Devin, to name a few down to locals like Phranchyze and Kyyd Jones, and a slew of many others.  His new album "Bad Ass Ninja Moves" is the most creative yet, with the newly released "Bird Watchin" which is being scouted by connected reps of RCA and Warner Bros. This is definitely Grim's year to say the least with no signs of slowing up, and people whom see him live usually are excited to find out what he'll do next.

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(Under King Solomon "Ruler Of The Wasteland" alias)
Focus "Wake Me When its Over" single
Phantazm Midwest Realmz mixtape
The Odd-desy LP
Midwest Summer Anthem EP
Missin' Linx EP
Wild Child FX LP
Wild Child Revisted Greatest Fits LP
Me And My Mind LP
(As Grimnasty)
Grimnasty EP
Grimnasty LP
Bigger Blacker Nastier Hairier
Bad Ass Ninja Movez

Set List

Live The Lie

Chop To The Neck

Nothing Works

Michael Jackson

Hate The Game

Your Time Will Come

Bad Ass Ninja Moves

20-45 minute sets