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"The Metal Crypt"

"Heavy" is what Grimwolf's debut EP Pure American Werewolf Metal is shooting for, and the band really hits the nail on the head. From the retro-thrash riffing to the vocals, which straddle the line between "gruff" and "harsh" to the absolutely killer solos, Pure American Werewolf Metal hits you like a ton of bricks.

Heavy Metal with a Blackened/Thrash vibe is how I'd describe Grimwolf's style. Everything on Pure American Werewolf Metal is an assault on your ears. Lead singer/lead guitarist Brent Wisdom barks the choruses (keeping with the "wolf" theme) on songs like "Feast of Flesh" and "Grimwolf." He resorts to a clearly decipherable growl for the rest of the lyrics. During "Immortal Beloved" he even channels Type O Negative's Pete Steele, and with a title like that, are you surprised? The Gothic feel is a nice change of pace. The rest of Pure American Werewolf Metal is solid mid-paced Thrash and the band just sonically beat you about the head and neck. "Full Moon Draw" has an eerily whispered chorus and with its slightly faster tempo, ends the EP in style. But the true highlight of Pure American Werewolf Metal is Wisdom's soloing. Fantastically expressive, he is not afraid to play a simple lead line when that is what the song calls for, nor does he hold back when it is time to let it rip. It's nice to hear solos that sound like they belong in their accompanying song.

I don't care that Pure American Werewolf Metal has a bit of a groove thing going on. It's loud, aggressive and the solos kill. Grimwolf have a winner here. Listen, enjoy, repeat. - The Metal Crypt


GrimWolf - Pure American Werewolf Metal



Pure American Werewolf Metal! If that does not say it all then nothing will. Werewolf clan "GrimWolf" has stormed onto the music sceen with their animalistic style of metal. Giving tribute to their metal influences of the past and forging forward with their nitch of the metal world. Music that inspires the primal side of the human mind to dominate and to feast upon all who tread in their path.

Their music is melodic and agressive, not wimpy or whiney, just pure brutatlity when they hit the stage. Their music has been likened to Metallica, Megadeth and other early metal bands. Brent's vocals are savage and primal akin to death metal vocalists of the past. Catchy riffs, pummeling drums, melodious harmony guitar, and thunderous bass. You cannot help but get savagely attacked by the sound that is GrimWolf.