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Grindcity is a rock a hip hop band born out of Philadelphia whose music is hard hitting, soulful and straight to the point. They challenge you to think and experience all that life is at every performance.


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Who is Grindcity? What is Grindcity? Grindcity is art. Grindcity is life. Grindcity is music. Grindcity was born from the life and experiences of J-O, the lead singer in the band. J-O, who is a veteran of the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, brings with him to his art a new brand of honesty and insight into the struggles that face us a world and as a people. He offers insights into the struggles of the everyday man who beaten down, tired and hungry and he inspires us all push through the darkness using our strength, will power, love and our hope.

Grindcity began with J-O recording his music to beats with his long time producer and friend Stitch. Stitch would craft the music and J-O would tell the story. When J-O performed live, he would assemble a band to play the music behind him instead of just performing to a cd. As J-O and his music began to grow and evolve, he began collaborating more with the band. He developed a strong relationship with Gab Guma, a half Ethiopian and half Italian guitar player who also lives in Philadelphia. As Gab and J-O began to collaborate and write, the music evolved and took an entirely new form. It was no longer just hip hop music, it became a hybrid fusion of hip hop and rock. With Gab bringing ripping guitars and J-O bringing his ferocious presence as an MC, the music took on a life of its own.

This evolution of Grindcity’s music culminated at Long View studios, when the band traveled to Massachusetts to record a song for a reality series that was to be aired online. At Long View, Grindcity met their mentor, producer and performance coach Bonnie Milner. From this moment on, Grindcity would never be the same.

With Jethaniel Nixon aka Thanny taking helm of the Bass and Carlin Brown aka Doc holding the drums down, Grindcity officially became what it is today. Adding to the mix a Dj, and two backup vocalists, Grindcity added the final pieces to the puzzle for what would become more than just music.

In the short amount of time, that Grindcity has been a “band” they have accomplished many great feats. They were featured on an internet reality series called A.I.R., the played the CMJ Festival at Avalon in 07 and the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival in Philly. They were regulars at the legendary Grapestreet club, have played every major venue around Philly such as Johnny Brenda’s, World Café, North by Northwest, Brownies and the list goes on. They have also in a very short time extended their brand to new markets outside of Philly such as Atlanta, D.C., Baltimore, Virginia, New York (NYC), Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In the last month, Grindcity has been going into the studio working on recording several of the fan favorites as well as some new songs. Recently, they went to work on their ballad for the tired and weary called “Haterz” which is a fan favorite as well as “Floozy Sue”. Even more recently, they were in the studio recording two completely new and fresh songs one called “Go Green” which is a Philadelhia Eagles anthem and “We Want America Back” which is a song that addresses the war, poverty and the presidential election with a hope that people will be inspired to demand that we get an America back that cares and looks out for it’s people.


This is a fresh band that in under 1 year has been a part of the CMJ Festival 07 in NYC (the played: Avalon NYC), an internet reality series, has had their performances aired locally on Comcast OnDemand (all of this can be viewed at

Hannibal, Grindcity's first single has airplay in Philadelphia and Atlanta, plus on several internet radio stations.

Recently we have been in and out of the studip recording the tracks for their upcoming LP

Set List

Set lists depend on the event and how much time there is for a set.

Currently we have 3 sets, a 30 minute set, a 45 minute set and a 1 hour set. We can also cut the sets down for 15-20 minute spots as well.

The only cover that is ever done, is Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix, and it is worked into a bridge from a song of ours called 'Confessions'. Thje bridge goes into Purple Haze, then into a freestyle guitar solo and then back to the original song Confessions. So it is only a cover for about a minute or two (it fluctuates show to show depending how well the transitions went).