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Featured video Rawkus on the widely spread production & song writing site - Pmp Worldwide

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Featured GHP is like ep - Dat Piff

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"52 Best Albums & EPs Of 2012"

GrindHouse Project – “GHP Is Like…” (GrindHouseProject.BandCamp.Com) – Comprised of producers Futurewave and Astro Mega with emcees Trace Motivate and 360, this Toronto-based quartet’s debut project sounded like it had been recorded by a crew who’d locked themselves in a dark basement for six months with nothing but a sampler, some broken mics and a stack of old vinyl. Uncompromisingly hardcore, “GHP Is Like…” was all about the essential foundations of quality Hip-Hop; sharp verbal skills and quality beats with instant-rewind appeal. Music to stomp your Timberlands to. - Ryan Proctor / Old to the new

"Canadian Baycon / GHP is like"

Free DL link to the new ep GHP is like - Canadian Baycon

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"Grindhouse Project Rawkus" -

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"Grindhouse Project Rawkus" -

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Dope Fiction coming July 2013

A-Side: Red Sector (Single) - June 10th 2013
B-Side: What It Takes (Single) - June 10th 2013

"GHP" is like..... Free Ep - Oct 31st 2012

A-Side: The Specialist (Single) - Oct 10th 2012
B-Side: Ghost 60 (Single) - Oct 10th 2012

Rawkus (Single) - May 25th 2012

A-Side: HeavyWeights (Single) - June 6th 2012
B-Side: Life This Good (Single) - June 6th 2012



Right now he goes by Soundwave/FutureWave. People from his neighbourhood know him as Moneybags. He is a producer and an aspiring mixing and mastering engineer with a company called FutureWave Sound Design & Production. Soundwave represents his camp and all of its affiliates. Raised in the west end of Toronto Rexdale. Growing up was tuff, but what hood isn't?? It taught him how life really works and made him mature quicker which he does not regret it all. Growing up to hip hop and listening for as long as he can remember has influenced him, especially the artist from his neighborhood. A lot of the artists were involved in the Canadian hip hop industry (Ghetto Concept, infinite, Redlife & Jellestone). These guys won awards and have done big things. To see artists from his area representing was a huge influence to him and made him feel like he can do it too. He has been making music since he was 14 and has worked with many artists from my neighborhood throughout those years. The goal is to have everybody dancing, fighting, sexing, & smoking to his music. Soundwave send shout Outs to his daughter, his wife and grindhouse project.

Astro Mega
When it comes to Hip Hop music Mega is that old school or golden age type of guy. He was raised in the West end of Toronto in Rexdale. He wouldn't say he had it hard growing up like some of the others had but he had some tough times and lost some friends due to typical ignorance. Mega Plans to take his music world wide. In his words Mega says “fuck a shout out. Every one that knows me on a personal level knows I have love for them.”

Trace Motivate
Trace represents good music, good times & the Grindhouse Project. He is from a planet called Rexdale, known to few, occupied by fewer. Growing up there was like living in a sweatshop, except this particular sweatshop had A/C & a nice size couch to sleep on when the boss left for the day. He has been making music since the inception, kicking the inside of his mother's stomach was just the beginning. He has worked with mostly local acts but he’s also worked with artists from the US, Bermuda & Africa. His influences range from De La Soul to Jimi Hendrix & Colonel Sanders. His ultimate goals are to make music, make money, make his way around the world & make his mother quit telling him to pull up his pants, get a real job & pick up some wings on the way home. Trace sends Shout outs to John...& the rest of GHP.

36th Cypher
360 degrees aka Thirty Six Cypher aka TSW aka Grimz Mc Coy aka New Testament is all about the elevation of hip hop music and having fun on the mic at the same time. He is from Rexdale Mount Olive and growing up their was like hell and heaven at the same time. He does not regret what he went threw but he wishes things could be better but it was what it was. He has been making music from 1993 as song writer and a producer from 1996. He has worked with many artists along the way but he mostly works with Soundwave, Trace Motivate, Mega and GHP’s manager The Major. He hopes to open people’s minds and hearts to lyricism and creative in the form of song, while leaving the listeners with something of substance to hold on too while having fun at the same time. 360 says “my shout outs are all in Ghost 60 so bite me”