Grinding Faith

Grinding Faith


Grinding Faith is a noise rock monster from Wrong Island who combine raw heavy rock, driving punk melodies, and trippy psychadelic riffing which can only be described as sounding like christ rolling around on acid in the mud.


We are from the year 2036 and have returned to flush corporate rocks toilet, as it seems to be needing flushing these days. We one day become the biggest band in the world. Not all of Grinding Faith are still alive in the year 2036, saddly, but we are all 18-21 years old at the present, early twenty-first century, timeline, and are about to destroy and rebuild the current insincere and prefabricated rock scene.

Some more FUN GrInDinG FaItH FACTOIDS!:
we hate emo and "hip" bands. we want to sell kids truth in a deceiteful way. we want money and booze because that's what mtv sez is cool. we play very loud and we do not shower or wash up. some of us are homeless. we are thrifty but don't shop at thrift shops. we are better and worse then your favorite band. we often lie, but we hate bs. we love you all. we are grinding faith.


DON'T LIE...WE SUCK: Live @ CBGBS (live bootleg EP)

Set List

we have an album worth (12-14 songs) of material, plus bsides. we play unique and earthshaking Creedance Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty, and Dr. Dre covers. We can play 30 minutes to over an hour at full speed.