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Self Titled CD - Released March 2007

Knight Radio 96.1 - Boca Raton Radio Airplay -
All songs on "GrindStone Hour"
(once a week)

KGSR 107.1 - Austin Radio Airplay- Angie, Drunk
Song, & Suitcase

BUZZ 103.1 - West Palm Bch Radio Airplay-
Fades Away



It's picture perfect. A girl is scanning aimlessly through the mire of radio stations, listing as the anonymous DJs play the cold, impersonal soundtracks to other people's lives. Suddenly she stops the radio on the rock station and hears the reflective words sung over the loud rush of electric guitars, bass and drums:

You don’t know, I don’t know we’ve been
letting go but you were mine,
So much more I’m longing for but I needed
some time to, Ponder on moving on maybe,
but you won’t stand far, I blame myself for
leading you on…

- "Picture Perfect", Aldo Marchant / Tim Tolson

From that moment on, the girl enjoys the tension created between the aggressive melodies, the dissonant chords, and the understated, shifting dynamics missing from most of the “mall-ternative” music of the moment. The tension between the new and the comfortable is resolved: She feels as though she's known the band for years - yet the music is somehow completely new and different. This is modern rock. She even sits through four mediocre songs just to find out the name of the band. With miles to go - yet closer to home - another GrindStone fan is born.

GrindStone is a Modern-Rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their music is easy to categorize but difficult to pigeonhole: The powerful electric guitars and drums of a Nickelback, yet the contemplative acoustic guitar and subtle cadences of a Matchbox 20; the powerful vocal projections of a Soundgarden with the resolute lyrics of a Goo Goo Dolls. Synthesizers, at certain times, provide industrial percussive texture - but at other moments produce orchestral accompaniment.

The band released its self-titled, ten-song debut CD in March, 2007. They are busy shopping it to music industry executives and scheduling dates for a fall tour. An early, rough mix of a few tracks fortuitously sparked the interest of renowned producer Steve Gordon – who has worked with such artists as Rob Thomas, Lenny Kravitz, and Joss Stone. “This doesn’t sound like some kind of local garage band demo. It sounds like it should be on the shelves of every music store already... you need to get this to radio stations right away!” said Gordon, who ultimately produced the finished product. Tracks from the CD, in fact, already have been featured on Florida Indie-rock stations such as 96.1 Knight Radio in Boca Raton, and mainstream CBS Radio BUZZ 103.1 in West Palm Beach. GrindStone's music has even reached large, college-town programming as far away as Austin, Texas, on 107.1KSR.

Regulars on the South Florida Club Circuit, GrindStone has played to standing-room only audiences in Fort Lauderdale's trendy Riverfront district and Clematis Street in West Palm Beach since 2004. For three consecutive years, the band has been asked to headline Fort Lauderdale Beach's annual Mardi Gras party. GrindStone also headlined the annual South Florida “Social on the Intercoastal” hosted by Zeta 94.9 - Clear Channel's flagship South Florida rock radio station at the time.

By New Year's Eve 2006, GrindStone achieved “local hero” status when they were invited by the City of Ft. Lauderdale to host its official New Year's Eve celebration – from a platform stage before some 10,000 revelers downtown. With GrindStone playing “Auld Lang Syne” in the background, Jim Naugle - Ft. Lauderdale's longest-serving mayor – smiled as he noted that the outdoor street party rivaled New York City's. Although the Mayor may have meant it facetiously, there was, in fact, a larger ball-drop and bigger fireworks display than in Times Square. The event, of course was covered live by NBC, CBS, and ABC local news affiliates.

The five-piece band is composed of vocalist Tim Tolson, guitarist Aldo Marchant, drummer Chris Guazzelli, bass player Joseph Klein and Keyboardist Greg Ashley. Tim, Aldo, and Joseph cut their teeth starting out at “play-for-beer” gigs in small clubs throughout the Southeast. The band members' touring and small nightly performances around the country would ultimately provide GrindStone with the audience rapport that is now a crucial element of the band's live shows. Aldo teaches classical guitar and also works as a session musician. Chris and Greg studied music in their teens and later performed with various local acts. It is truly apropos to say that all five members have sharpened their musicianship and performance skills with GrindStone.

Shortly after the release of their CD, the band met with Miami Music Agent David Bercuson. Bercuson has a long, successful history representing artists from diverse demographic markets: The Black-Eyed Peas, Enrique Eglasias, Trick Daddy, KC and the Sunshine Band, Luis Fonsi, and Trina, among others. He had recently been contacted by one of his major record-label associates who had only signed Rap and Hip-Hop artists, but was interested in entering the “uncharted territory” of rock music. Bercuson's response “You think you’ve got a ro