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Dayton, Ohio, United States | SELF

Dayton, Ohio, United States | SELF
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So EV hit me up with this one that he was sent by GTC out of Dayton, Ohio with their new single Grind Till I Get It. Im feeling this one. Leave your opinion on this one. - Pegs

"Who tha Fcuk is… Grind Time Central?"

Yep, Splash is Back -straight from coming up 75 when i stopped in Dayton- Shout out to Moe Beats and Sean from Famous Firm. When i got this new CD and the song was banging, that ‘Im Gonna Grind Til I Get It’. I first got hip to these guys at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards just looking at all the competition, but these guys had a lil different swag to they music. Something about it made a connection so I rode to ’An Hour’ thinking it might be my theme music for 09. So I had to reach out and see Whut Tha Fcuk goes on in Dayton? And Whut The Fcuk does GTC Mean? Let’s Go In!!!!

1. Splashy: How did you get your start in Making Music?
SLIM: I wrote my first rhyme in 3rd grade, so I been rappin’ since
then. My older brother had a rap group when I was young also, so he
influenced me alot.
POLO: I had a computer program called acid and realized I could record
music with it. I was like, hell yeah! and I been jumping since then.
2. Splashy: What inspires you to write material?
SLIM: Life, just what I do daily, or have seen throughout my life.
Its more of some everyday music. I love the ladies, the cars, the
club, the people, and most imporantly the music.
POLO: I am inspired by my life and how im feeling at the time. I dont
write, so I guess music inspires and words come from the music
3. Splashy: Where were you when you wrote your first rhymes?
SLIM: I was at home one day right after school in my room and my older
brother was blasting his music in his room, and I just started writing
that day.
POLO: I was sitting at the computer listening to Jay-Z’s Takeover
beat. The shit sucked but I thought it was the hottest 32 bars ever!
4. Splashy: If you had a dream situation -where would it be and with which label?
GTC: Def Jam or Atlantic with our own imprint.
5. Splashy: Who was the person that most influenced you to make music?
SLIM: Older Brother Dave
POLO: Jay-Z, Andre 3000, myself, and competition. If I hear somebody
else goin hard I always think I can go harder
6. Splashy: What are your top 5 favorite songs of all time?
SLIM: Dead Presidents by Jay-Z; All Eyes on me by 2PAC;
Southernplayalisticcadilacfunkymusic by OutKast; Paid In Full by Eric B. & Rakim;
You Got To Chill by EPMD
POLO: These are [my top 5] albums, cant really think of top 5 songs:
1. Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
2.2pac - Makeveli
3.BIG - Life After Death
4.Lauren Hill - Miseducation of Lauren Hill
5.Dr.Dre -The Chronic
7. Splashy: If you could work with one artist or producer who would it
be? and why?
SLIM: There are alot of artist I want to collab with but I really
wanna work with C-LO Green and see what we come up with. He is one of
my favorite artist. Ive been a fan since Goodie Mob’s-Soulfood. As far
as producers go, I would have to say kanye west, bangladesh, pharell,
foreal everybody. Really, I just like to make that wow music and I
feel like I could do that with alot of producers in the game now.
POLO: Jay-z, Mannie Fresh, Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp
8. Splashy: How would you describe your music?
9. Splashy: What happened that made you believe in your music & Movement?
SLIM: I got my confidence from freestyling in school or at a friends
house and geting great feedback. So thats when I figured I can do this
POLO: I have confidence in everything I do, but when I started letting
people hear songs it was like TI said, “ya disc aint shit if the
clique dont ride to it.” The movement came from song consistency and
being on the grind, its like when everyone is stuck on the hit song,
we comin with another one.
10.Splashy: Any new projects coming from you or your crew?
GTC: Right now we are making alot of new music building up the
catalog, we may be dropping Grind Muzik the mixtape followed by Grind
Till I Get It the album. Just working and waiting for the right
11. Splashy: Whats the best show that you ever been apart of?
GTC: November 7th 2008, Club Cream, Dayton Ohio. The theme was “My
president is black.” Three days after Barack Obama became the first
African American President in U.S.A. The whole crowd knew our song
word for word. Its like “Grind Till I Get It” meant something much
more that night. We felt presidential and proud.
12. Splashy: Any last words or shout outs?
GTC: Shout out to the President, Barack Obama, our manager J.Lee,
engineer MOE BEATs, JR Exclusive the producer of Grind Till I Get It,
Fam, Big shout out to Sickamore and the Famous Firm and everybody
that supports GTC.
- Splash Gordon

"Grind Til I Get It"

Coming straight out of Dayton, Ohio and linking up with Sickamore's Famous Firm, GTC (Grind Time Central) is looking to catapault into success.

Comprised of lifelong friends, Slim & Polo, GTC represent the hustles and struggles of millions of people all around the world - and they’re proud to do so.

Click below to listen to their single, Grind Till I Get It, and check out their myspace @

GTC - Grind Till I Get It

"Famous SOTD: GTC - Grind Time"

More music to go hard to (pause) from Dayton, Ohio group GTC a/k/a Grind Time Central. “Grind Time” is off of their upcoming mixtape, Grind Muzik, dropping this May.


"Grind Time Central By Donald Thrasher"

Grind Time Central

With little mainstream media support and a lack of cohesion within the local hip-hop community, it’s difficult for Dayton-based rap acts to gain traction locally, much less on a national scale. Local rap duo, Grind Time Central, is hoping to buck that trend with a multi-pronged attack that includes CDs, live shows and an Internet television program all promoted with good humor and the tenacity of streetwise hustlers.
“Everybody associates grinding with the streets or something negative,” Slim said. “I feel like if you’re going to work, you’re grinding to pay your bills and trying to live how you want to live. If you’re going to school, you’re grinding for a degree. We’re just trying to grind and get this music out here. We’re the product and that’s why I’m so confident in what we do. I’ll never go broke when I’m the product.”
Slim (aka Mr. Music) and his partner Polo (aka P the Prophet) — who open for Rick Ross at Club Cream tonight, Friday, June 6 — are currently hyping the new maxi-single, “Grind Till I Get It.” Like much of GTC’s newest material, both released and unreleased, the single is an infectious song with a couple of catchy melodies and strong sense of musicality over simple drum patterns and ’80s-style keyboards.
“We can make any type of music,” Polo said. “We don’t think, ‘Oh, this is for the clubs,’ or ‘this is for the streets.’ Like, ‘Chevy Dance.’ It gets played in the club and people like it, but it’s not a club song. How many cars do you see inside a nightclub? We’re just trying to make good music and make some money off that. We want to live comfortably off that, or get a TV deal.”
The duo is currently wrapping up the first season of the Internet program, GTCtv, which offers new streaming episodes weekly at The self-produced show began in early April and offers skits and cinéma vérité spots shot around town.
“You’ve got to have an image when you do music,” Polo said. “You can say you do one thing, but it’s hard to tell you apart from another person. We’ve got personality and the TV show proves it.”
“Everybody is really going from the heart,” Slim said. “Right now we’re just having fun and dabbling in everything.”
To date, nine episodes of GTCtv have aired. Polo and Slim plan on wrapping the first season after episode 10 and releasing a season-spanning DVD. A second season will air later this year.

Rock Insider, by contributing writer Don Thrasher, appears weekly and gives a behind-the-scenes view of the Dayton music scene. Contact Thrasher by e-mail at

Who: Grind Time Central, with Rick Ross.
Where: Club Cream, 850 N. Main St., Dayton.
When: 9 p.m. tonight, June 6.
Cost: $30, call 14 Kart Gold at (937) 276-4652.
More info: (937) 461-7246 or - Dayton Daily News

"Website Placement: Music Reveiw"

Here is one very hot new artist submission. These guys won Best Group in Ohio last year at the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards. Be sure to check out GTC and their latest “Grind Till I Get It“. Leave some feedback please. Enjoy.

GTC – Grind Till I Get It VERY HOTTTT…Download this track asap!!! Very Hot!!! -

"" -

"GTC On The CW Daily Buzz"

GTC Featured on The CW Daily Buzz - Daily Buzz

" Interviews GTC"

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio Grind Time Central is a duo that is pushing

through, and making a name for themselves. GTC has been working hard

to separate from the pack in this never ending revolving industry.

Grind Time Central has opened for some of the biggest artists in

the industry and continue to perform and make music that they love. recently touched based with GTC and talked

about their music, upcoming album, the childhood bond they have

formed, and much more. (Click URL) -



Grind Muzik (2009)
The Modern Day Classic (2012)
Grind Muzik 2 (2013)


"Grind Till I Get It"(2011)
"Get Paid"(2012)
"Go Money"(2013)
"Aint no Way"(2013)

Music Videos

Grind Til I Get It
Get Paid
Go Money
28 Grams Later



The Ohio Hip-Hop Award Winners For Best Group, GTC (Grind Time Central), a Dayton, Ohio-based duo that have grindin’ in their blood. The popular single, ‘Grind Till I Get It’, set over an orchestration of epic proportions - the audience can feel their hunger and motivation, smoothly laid out over five minutes of funk.

Consisting of lifelong friends Cognac Jones & Tha Profit, GTC represent the hustles and struggles of millions of people all around the world - and they’re proud to do so. “We make world music - Japan, Europe, England – we’re ready to go,” says Jones. “We’re going back to everybody music - Rated ‘E”, Profit re-affirms. Cognac Jones, who spent time in the choir as a youth, further explains the group’s motivation: “We’re grindin’ to sell records, and take care of our families. My son is the most important thing to me. GTC stands for survival and success, and only the strong survive - we survive.”
It’s their roots in Dayton, though, that provide the backdrop for their inspirational raps.

Their first online release, 2009s ‘Grind Muzik ‘gained them the exposure to perform at the 2009 Ohio Hip-Hop Awards. Since then, they’ve opened up for the likes of Rick Ross, Plies, Twista, Soulja Boy and many others, all the while having scored a great success with their first single, “Grind Till I Get It.”(Which has been played heavily on their hometown radio station). The success of the single gained GTC a spot on the Russ Buss Tour to open up for likes of Ace Hood, Lil Boosie, LeToya Luckett, Yo Gotti and more. In 2012, GTC released their follow-up, entitled The Modern Day Classic. The release gained GTC a nomination for Best Group at The 2012 Ohio Hip-Hop Awards. GTC is set to release their 3rd Mixtape titled, Grind Muzik 2, October 31 2013.

Dedicated to inspiring positivity and motivation, GTC are ambassadors of Ohio hip-hop. Their tremendous synergy is perfectly accentuated by their ever-present individuality: Cognac Jones laid back cool complemented by Profit sharp lyricism. GTC doesn’t just preach the ‘Grind’ movement – they are a living embodiment of it.