Elite Occult Rock Band


Possessing both the ferocity and deadly precision of a mythical three-headed demon dog, this trio of musicians evolved into GRINGOS circa 2006 after playing in various forms (members) under various names (Private War, Taintskins, Adios Gringo) since high school. Core members Bert, Todd and Paul have polished their chops on the ears of many devoured devotees and honed their sonic attack down to it's most feral elements- pummelling drums, teeth-ground vocals and blood-soaked guitars creating a lethal dose of grooving agression and swaggering violence. Alt-black metal boogie. Post-rock Pre-mental Psych-metal.



Written By: Gringos

A song possessed
Ghost within
Punctuation in dischord
Gerunds morally challenged
Clauses in conflict with commas

The lyrics to this song are at war
Ideology strife
Intent literally robbed by civic minded colons

This Is Not a Vampire Love Song

Written By: Gringos

More like prince of patagonia
Hollywood hunger unpure unclean tween
Lust pedophile retainers g-strings
Nosferatu feeds...


Written By: Gringos

Death flower has the power to feed on human will
the harvest is nearly complete
fly you wizards down paths of extinction
tword this Great Atomic Power the horn from which we drink
demon dogs-lords of light, beasts of the black night what say you?

The abattoir is full now corpses walk the earth
back to the pits that spawned you!
urchins, insects, creatures most foul
denizens under the spell of the shape
the brood cannot support the hive
colony collapse disorder
pathogenis microbe, parasitic virus
the queen has no king

Despoiling of innateonous being
devourers exalting quintessence of anti-life
wounds conflicting, abberating, abstracting


Pearly Gates LP
Forging Hammers CD
Universal Adapter EP
Paranoid EP