Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopEDM

Genre = Ghettotech or Crunk Hop. Indie, not solely underground. Party songs with heavy bass and catchy hooks that everyone can relate to. Urban and suburban markets enjoy Grip Plyaz. He dresses like a Hipster, but grew up in Atlanta's historic Fourth Ward.


"More hood than Hipster..." ~Rodney Carmichael

There’s one thing to know before attempting to understand Grip Plyaz and his music: YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND GRIP!

Just like with most artists, everything Grip does he believes to be perfection—and it is. Grip as an artist takes being yourself to a whole new level. When in the studio, not only is it just Grip himself, but he doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone or anything else. He’s a purely untainted artist, one who doesn’t care what’s popular or the norm. When making new music, it’s him + the beat + the hook and then the lyrics are born.

Grip Plyaz was born and raised in 4th Ward Atlanta, which is home to a few other big names in the industry (Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, etc), but Grip is definitely a rarity out the hood. Being born and raised in the south’s melting pot, Grip appreciates music from everywhere; snap music, Miami bass, 808, 90s rap, Too Live Crew, Outkast, Anita Baker, Al Green, Akinele, Too Short, 8Ball & MJG, Goodie Mob, Gucci Mane, Pastor Troy, DSGB and many more.

So it’s only natural that when people hear Grip’s music they hear a little of everything, but really nothing they’ve heard before. With production influenced by everything from techno to old skool hip-hop, listening to Grip’s music is like playing the original Nintendo with your little sister who insists on moving around and jumping when Mario does.

Grip began his journey through the music scene in Atlanta in the late 90’s with his friend Zoo and other half of the rapping duo, The Noboies. The Nobodies. Show after show, the duo quickly caught the attention of artist manager, Coach K (former Young Jeezy manager, and current manager of Hollyweerd, Rob Wonder and Muffy). As time progressed, the two along with the help of Coach K were talking label deals. Unfortunately, the other half of The Nobodies wasn’t ready to pursue music full time and the group separated. That didn’t stop Grip. He began making solo songs and performing with such acts as Collective Efforts, Rising Sons and Proton all over Atlanta. Grip would often stand out due to his creative and unheard of sound.

In 2005 Grip Plyaz released his first solo effort, “CUMGITSLUM,” and by that time had established a steady fan base of those who enjoyed Grip’s raw, refreshing voice over bass-heavy and eclectic beats.

In 2007 while doing the regular clubbing at The Royal, Grip Plyaz met the members of Lavish Life Social Club. Several months later, toward the end of 2007, Kei approached Grip with an offer to manage his music career. Thus comes Grip Plyaz’s second solo release, “Grip-Hop.”

“Grip-Hop” is exactly what it says, Grip’s interpretation of Hip-Hop. Always being the underdog has slowly, but surely garnered much deserved respect in the Atlanta music scene and forced the less open- minded to open their ears and accept the creation of a new genre of music. “Grip-Hop” will go down in history as an album from an Atlanta native that fuses so many musical genres onto one CD.

For Show History:


"CumGitSlum" - noncommercial release, 2005

"Grip Hop" - noncommercial release, 2008. Set to re-release May 2010 on digital retailers.

Set List

Set Length: 20 minutes
4 songs:
"Hard in the Paint"
"Dayee Izz"
"Fuck Dat Hipster Shit"
"Plaxico Buress"

Headlining Set:
2 freestyles
"Plaxico Burress"
"Drop It"
"Fuck Dat Hipster Shit"
Dayee Izz"