TreZure aka Widow

TreZure aka Widow

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
BandHip Hop

TreZure (Widow), is a lyricist with a magic pen who splashes the lyrical canvas with vivid color and creates incredible imagery by utilizing candid accounts of her own life struggles and her ability to maintain through it all.


In an age where the female emcee (MC) has become an almost near extinct component of hip hop culture, there is one who is determined to change the landscape of this male dominated industry. Enter in the crown jewel of Greensboro, North Carolina, TreZure, who is more than prepared to make an impact and become a voice to be reckoned with. TreZure has long been a staple of underground hip hop in North Carolina. As a former member of the Nightbreed Family, The Dominion, and Forbidden Language and URL, she has always been associated with the highest level of emcees throughout North Carolina. TreZure (Widow), is a lyricist with a magic pen who splashes the lyrical canvas with vivid color and creates incredible imagery by utilizing candid accounts of her own life struggles and her ability to maintain through it all.

TreZure has released two acclaimed underground releases through her own record label, “The Love Child” EP and her own full length 2004 classic, “The Trinity Album: Truth, Love, and Consequences.” TreZure states, “I’m really proud of those releases. It really set a foundation for me and my music and people respected my talent. Today, in my opinion, the Trinity Album still stands as one of the best hip hop albums composed and very reflective of my life at the time.” She has sold albums overseas and even appeared on a hip hop compilation album “Atlantic Connection All Stars” produced by French DJ Clutch Player.

In 2005, TreZure took a self imposed hiatus from music. “Life was changing around me and I couldn’t focus on music like I had before. At the same time the sound of hip-hop was changing and I wasn’t sure how I could fit in at that time. I’m not a lean, rock, snap type of artist so I really lost my identity in a way” TreZure admits. In 2007, she was approached to host a new television show that highlighted underground hip hop artists throughout North Carolina. And in the summer she began work on “The Pavement” executive produced by Doc Sinn. “By hitting the scene and immersing myself in the culture again, it really got my name back out there and helped fuel my desire to return to hip hop. I loved being in front of the camera and it came really easy. I’m really proud of what the show accomplished and what it did to reintroduce me back to music.”

2010 marked TreZure's return from a self-imposed 5 year hiatus, exploding back onto the hip-hop scene, leaving audiences in shock by the power and prowess of her voice and her flow. When asked about her hiatus and return, TreZure states “I took the time needed to get myself and my life together. Coming back though, I definitely feel like I’ve been given a fresh start and a second chance to pursue all my dreams. I couldn’t have been the artist I am today, 5 years ago. This is definitely the time for me. I feel a responsibility to the music now and a profound appreciation for the craft."

In her return, life has really found TreZure in a new spot. “I’m stronger as a person for the things I’ve been through these last 5 years, to include coming out as an openly gay artist. Hip hop has historically been very homophobic and I understand there are people who will be a little uncomfortable by my stance and my bluntness, but I really feel like I need to stay true to myself and who I am. I went through many changes to get to this point and this journey of self discovery will ultimately come out in my music. I want to make an impact and let people know it is ok to be who they are, because for so long I didn’t live that way. If I can help someone by simply telling my story, then all the verbal abuse and condemnation I receive will be worth it.”

2010 also marked the moment that TreZure joined forces with the founder of Grip The Mic™ Records and 2010 IMA R&B Artist of the Year Lee Blake, stepping into the position of Vice President of the label. The label and musical duo poses a formidable threat in the industry.

From this new venture, several television, web, and music projects will emerge. TreZure has several highly anticipated projects on the way, one of which was just completed, her first full-length studio album in 6 years titled "My Emancipation".

On "My Emancipation" TreZure frequently gives way to her alter ego Widow, a venomous, direct, unrelenting, unapologetic, in your face type of personality that isn't afraid to tell you how she feels about things. Track after Track the listener is enveloped in a world filled with pulsing basslines, chest pounding drum laden tracks, incredible metaphors, witty vernacular and down right honest, in your face lyricism. You can feel the pain, the hunger and the growth of this femcee as the album proceeds.

Given the fierce determination to stay true to herself and her undeniable talent, TreZure is now on the brink of the stardom she has always envisioned for herself. “I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve worked with and rocked beside some great people so far. But this truly is the tip of the iceberg for


Me Against the World

Written By: C. Bosley, R. Blake

Verse 1

I spend long nights meditating, spend times arguing with God about my situation
She’s like I made your shoulders broad Chandra just be patient
I’m like hold on now, you see that I’ve been right here waiting
To live this life you meant for me I risked my reputation
Took me down to nothing now I’m in the mirror facing
A mere shell of myself who now deals with failure
I am no longer the same but my face familiar
A metamorphosis is needed if I’ma be a matyr
To be a pioneer you chose all my goods to barter
Seems like it’s been for years this curse of a fallen daughter
A simple bum who used to have it everything in order
(but that’s in the past)
Its overcast and cloudy days
Seem to mask the burns of life’s ultraviolet rays
But coming out the storm I don’t complain I’ve been betrayed
It’s only lessons I’m progressing and so is my age
(but I’m saying)


Sitting here feeling myself, it’s just me against the world
Maybe I need a hand up, to help me out this rut
Oh…when the times get rough…oh will you take this walk with me
Or is it me against the world
Verse 2
Im socially awkward, I’ve been through so much shit I’ve been altered
And you can tell in these scripts I have authored, I’ve tripped and faltered
I have nothing left to give or to offer
Except these introverted narratives
and this is grown folk talk go ‘head and spare the kids
Put ‘em to bed, I suggest maybe some Justin Bieber instead
My mouth is raunchy, they be like, mommy you heard what she said
You damn right, I said it and you’ll probably repeat it
In front of your grandma now your daddy is heated
Sorry pops but my life is void of gumballs and lemon drops
This carosel is going I have no idea when it’ll stop
Im along for the ride, struggling to make it right
Humble pie for my pride, would you care to have a slice
I can share a little my ego’s been bumped and bruised
Ever since I dumped the muze, been heavy weed and heavy booze


Verse 3
I’m learning lessons at a lighting speed, it’s kinda frightening me
Can’t even explain the shit built up inside of me
Seems to be lost but who the hell is out there finding me
So I move silently prepare for war and rivalry
Not something I choose, it’s just that way in spite of me
Looking all around back and forth left and right of me
Feeling so exposed no clothes stripped of my privacy
So I gotta watch for those that don’t see eye to eye with me
I appear alone but our soldiers are on the ready, artillery is heavy
Got bayonettes and machetes
I pray to God she still got angels here to protect me
And provide me shade when the sun shines in directly
On my face don’t need the glare there to affect me
And now that I’m prepared I swear they bet not let me
Get the power I need to turn the world on its fucking head
Ashy knuckles bloody red, I’m at war til I’m dead


2011 ~ "My Emancipation"

2004 ~ "The Trinity Album: Truth, Love and Consequences."