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The Grip Weeds

Highland Park, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Highland Park, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Strange Change Machine CD Review"

“Brothers Kurt and Rick Reil draw on everyone's favourite 1960s psyche pop bands on their generous double-CD... the final tracks refocus the Weed’s apparently undiminished powers... Three Stars.” -The Sunday Times (London, UK) - Sunday Tmes (London, UK)

"The Sound Is In You CD Review"

“The Grip Weeds polish their Revolver-era Beatles-meets-Badfinger-and-the Who sound and hit a bull's eye...their melodic side is the strength and joy of the group.” - Magnet

"Giant On The Beach CD review"

"A knack for unleashing simultaneously tingly and white-knuckled riffs and weaving together vocal harmonies as if they'd grown up together singing in a church choir, the Grip Weeds have a palpable group chemistry that so many bands boast of but so few actually possess. Given the retro scene's diminshing returns of late, they sound downright heroic." -Fred Mills - Magnet Magazine

"Under The Influence Of Christmas Review"

"This is the Christmas Album of the Year — and a good enough one to hopefully get the Grip Weeds the attention they’ve deserved for a decade-plus." - Sound+Vision
- Sound+Vision

"Under The Influence Of Christmas Review"

"Veteran New Jersey powerpoppers the Grip Weeds offer chiming guitars by the sleighful on their entry into the Santa market...Worth a punt if you're looking for an alternative to yet another novelty reading of Sleigh Bells." - The Guardian (UK) - The Guardian (UK)

"Speed Of Live Review"

"Super-fun blend of ass-kicking psych rock and jaunty power pop." - Timeout New York

"Pop Matters CD Review"

'Infinite Soul: The Best of the Grip Weeds: Overall, a great entry point to a magical body of work. And, hopefully, a shining augury of things to come.' ~ Pop Matters, Alan Brown - Alan Brown

"All Music Guide Review"

Album Review: Infinite Soul: The Best of the Grip Weeds

After 16 years together, it's high time the Grip Weeds were treated to a compilation, and Infinite Soul: The Best of the Grip Weeds cavorts merrily around the band's past pastures, pulling out the best blooms from the group's four albums for listeners' perusal. Having snapped up the Grip Weeds onto his Wicked Cool Records label, Little Steven does the selecting with panache, highlighting their influences and showcasing the diversity of their retro-garage sound. The Weeds' heroes were easy to spot -- they oftentimes wore them on their sleeves -- and the set points out the majority in quick succession: the Who, the Beatles, the Byrds, and the Jam, who are paid tribute to on "Every Minute," "Love's Lost on You," "Save My Life," and "Ready and Waiting," respectively. The Kinks, the Zombies, Bob Dylan, and even Sonny & Cher leave lighter marks elsewhere. But obviously the New Jersey legend wouldn't have been impressed with a mere bunch of apers, and it's the Weeds' own distinctive styling that he showcases across the rest of this set. Tablas and Eastern mystery pulse through "Life and Love, Times to Come"; here the Canterbury scene is pulled toward the garage. A subtle mix of styles highlights the lovely, lilting "Give Me Some of Your Ways," while slippery rock sliding between the decades and subgenres defines the band's "Infinite Soul" sound. Kristin Pinell's sweet vocals illuminate "Closer to Love," one of the few times the lead guitarist steps up to front the band. Add a storming new number, the hard-rocking pop of "She Brings the Rain," and this set indeed brings fans all the best the band has to offer and then some. ~ Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide - Jo-Ann Greene

"Shoreworld: The Grip Weeds – Speed Of Live; In Concert In New Jersey"

"Shines like a supernova...left me shaking my head at their state of major label independence." - Aquarian Weekly

"Rolling Stone (Germany)"

“Excellence in sound, stylishness in design... Mighty fine trip.” - Rolling Stone

"Harp Magazine"

“While so many of today's indie bands fail when asked to sing in key or bash as one, the Grip Weeds have an amazing grasp of vocal harmonies, collective group unity, and songwriting skill... Of course, if you prefer out-of-tune guitars and adenoidal vocals or retro punk, the Grip Weeds will simply annoy. For everyone else, fall down and worship.” - Harp Magazine

"Logo (UK)"

“They offer the shock of the new.” - Logo

"Village Voice"

“The natural progression from the Who to the Jam to Oasis - cool!” - Village Voice

"Pop Culture Press"

“Glistening harmonies, deliciously jangly guitars and tightly constructed songs make [them] the genuine article in a crowded field of power pop wannabes.” - Pop Culture Press

"Q Magazine (UK)"

“The sumptuous guitar sounds, crafted by Rick Reil and Kristin Pinell, are the grip Weeds’ glory.” - Q Magazine

"Q Magazine (UK)"

“The sumptuous guitar sounds, crafted by Rick Reil and Kristin Pinell, are the grip Weeds’ glory.” - Q Magazine


Live Vibes (DVD, Ground Up 2012)
Speed Of Live (CD, Ground Up 2012)
Under The Influence Of Christmas (CD, Rainbow Quartz 2011)
Strange Change Machine (CD/LP, Rainbow Quartz 2010)
Infinite Soul The Best of The Grip Weeds (CD, Wicked Cool 2008)
House Of Vibes Revisited (CD, Ground Up) 2007
Giant on the Beach (CD, Rainbow Quartz) 2004
The Sound Is In You (CD, Rainbow Quartz) 2003
Summer of a Thousand Years (CD, Rainbow Quartz) 2001



“Sparkling, insanely catchy psyche-pop”: The Grip Weeds are a critically acclaimed Psychedelic Rock /Power Pop quartet consisting of brothers Kurt and Rick Reil (on drums and guitar respectively), Kristin Pinell (guitar) and Dave DeSantis (bass). Surrounded by their vintage equipment, this talented four-piece band records slices of perfect, radio-friendly guitar-pop, psychedelic enough to appeal to record junkies and Sixties-retro fans, but edgy enough to fit into a modern rock set.

Following the successful recent holiday release Under The Influence Of Christmas and 2010’s double length juggernaut Strange Change Machine (both on the Rainbow Quartz label), Speed Of Live is the electric distillation of The Grip Weeds sound, bursting with all of the passion and power they put into every live performance. The Grip Weeds are a band for which a live album really is a true “by-popular-demand” necessity, not just a stop-gap. For those who have never seen the band perform live, Speed of Live should be equally welcome– and something of a revelation.

From the opening lift-off of “Every Minute” to the soaring finale “Astral Man,” Speed Of Live is non-stop energy, a sweat-soaked high-octane totally electric set of originals that span The Grip Weeds’ entire studio catalog, but stripped down and roughed up with extra edge – plus, for good measure, a couple of very cool covers (Shakin’ All Over” and “So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star”) that showcase the paisley-and-polka dots roots of their sound.

Speed Of Live includes new versions of many Grip Weeds perennials awarded the title “Coolest Song in the World” on the immensely popular satellite and nationally syndicated radio show Little Steven’s Underground Garage. In 2008, Little Steven himself hand-picked an album’s worth for the Wicked Cool Records compilation Infinite Soul: The Best Of The Grip Weeds (Sony/RED).

Fittingly, the performances comprising Speed Of Live were all taken from shows around the The Grip Weeds’ (and Little Steven’s) home state of New Jersey. Four were recorded at the recently shuttered Court Tavern in New Brunswick– a night The Grip Weeds shared the bill with The Smithereens. Another nine were captured at The Record Collector, a store turned concert venue in Bordentown, and one was taken from a night at legendary NJ venue The Stone Pony.

Live Vibes DVD takes you on a trip inside The House Of Vibes, the “Hitsville of Highland Park”! Performing live in their New Jersey recording studio, The Grip Weeds tear through songs from their impressive catalog of “insanely catchy psyche-pop”, with equally psychedelic mind-blowing visuals. Exclusive interviews illuminate their back story and the unique group chemistry that drives them. Music and musings from a band at the height of its powers!