A blend of various styles of music ranging from hardcore jam-wailing to funky hiphop beats and soul, GrisGris combines many styles of music. Without the use of computers, effects and synths are found in the sound. Improvisation and a sense of unpredictability make each live performance unique


GrisGris hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana where they came together in the Fall of 2009. United by the interest in creating funk-o-licious, face melting original music the 4 friends decided to come together to further hone their musical skills and collaborate in the song writing process. What resulted was an electric, grimy, feel-good sound having roots in jazz, funk, blues, rock, hip-hop, and electronic styles of music. GrisGris has developed this diverse blend of sounds, which has come to be an intricate part of the groups spontaneous nature and fresh feel. During a live show one may find themselves groovin' to a cover of The Grateful Dead to witnessing a free-style rap competition before being thrown into the next GrisGris hit that is typically never played the same twice. The band's improvisational nature adds even more flavor to their unique style, and injects an even greater element of unpredictability and excitement to the show that can be enjoyed by the entire audience. Whether it be late night or early mornin', GrisGris never misses an opportunity to have fun on stage and loves to get down with the audience to the music they enjoy playing so much.


Certain live tracks can be found on

Set List

Get Down
Astro Jam
special 5
Dinkle Frog
Gotta Believe
Belly of the Beast
Michael's blues
Caught Slippin

This is a typical set list of our original music. We also enjoy playing 1 or 2 covers from varying styles of music. Examples of covers: Shakedown Street by The Grateful Dead, Use Me by Bill Withers, Best Feeling by Keller Williams