We're GRISTLE, A high energy, in your face metal band, thriving on the energy and and passion of our fans, and fans to come. Our sound is comprised of many styles of music, with influences spanning through the rock spectrum in it's entirely. We are a new breed and evolution of metal.


Conceived in 2000, GRISTLE has been a force to be reckoned with in the California metal scene for years. They have played from one end of the state to the other, with a loyal fan base that grows by the day.

GRISTLE is comprised of Patrick Olivas on Guitar, Brett McIntyre as Vocalist, Peter Ruacho on Drums, and Chris Spurling on Bass. Each member possessing a different musical background that is combined to create the unique, punishing, yet harmonic sound that you hear today. GRISTLE has played with the likes of bands such as The Empire Shall Fall (Ft. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage), Wednesday 13, The Dave Rude Band, Warbringer, and more. They've played venues such as The Whisky A GOGO and The Key Club in Hollywood, CA. The Fat Cat in Modesto, CA. The Plea For Peace Center in Stockton, etc.

GRISTLE has been, and always will be solely dedicated to producing, and performing their music for crowds abroad. We are GRISTLE from Fresno, California, and we're here to stay.


2002 "Self Titled"
2007 "The Origin of Chuck"
2009 "The Rise of Chuck"
2010 "Underground"
2012 "Priapism"
2012 "John Cage's Fantastic Plane Ride" (demo)