Gristle Gals Band

Gristle Gals Band

 Denver, Colorado, USA

The Gristle Gals combine their backgrounds in classical, folk, bluegrass, gypsy, and jazz with a decidedly unique view of the world. The result? Something they like to call “Gypsy Grass”, but you can listen for yourself and decide


Whether busking for a crowd on the street or performing before an audience of thousands, wherever they play, the Gristle Gals grab the attention of the audience with their lively, unique sound and their charisma. They are solid and experienced musicians who are at home in any venue. The Gristle Gals truly love what they do, and it shows!


Available on line:
Pikey's Closet~ original
Tales of How We Met~original
The Con~ Original
Available 3/10 "On the Lam" a full length album recorded at John Macy Studio

Set List

Typically 3 45 minute sets, but we are quite flexible. We mix originals with traditional gypsy tunes, also mix in cover tunes performed in our fashion and perform traditional irish and gypsy instrumentals.

Typical set lists as follows:

Set one:
The Con - Original
Angel with an Attitude - Ditty Bops
Standing on a Rock - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
For What it's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
Never Bargained For This - Original
Dear Prudence - Beatles
Two Guitars - Traditional Gypsy
I Drink - Original
Bossa - Traditional Gypsy
Physicality - Original
Tales of How we Met - Original
Somewhere Else - Original
Pinot / Blackberry / Wine - Trad medley with original intro

Set Two:
Indecision - Original
Whiskey Before Breakfast - Traditional
Over the Waterfall - Traditional
Spinster - Original
Pikey's Closet - Original
Minor Swing - Django Reinhardt
Alabama Song / Whistling Hora - Bertold Brecht and Traditional Gypsy, respectively
Orange Blossom Special - Traditional