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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""The World Was Asleep..." CD Review"

The members of Gritch were definitely on to something titling their debut full-length The World Was Asleep... The music presented here is perfect for an inexplicably early start on an uneventful and unexpected day off, when everything feels hazy, peaceful and comfortingly dreamlike for longer than you have any right to expect. The combination of electronic pop and traditional rock instrumentation recalls the sublimely sentimental and melancholy tones of Technique-era New Order and OMD circa Architecture and Morality. "Sunday Morning Train" is the perfect song for a rainy day in early spring, while "In the Meantime" is classic down-tempo synth pop in an era littered with superficial attempts at innovative soundscaping. Displaying an instinct for moodily uplifting melodies, Gritch's initial offering is impressive by anyone's standards. - The Denver Westword

"Ear Candy - The World Was Asleep Review"

I respect any band willing to post nearly half of their new album on their Myspace page for cheapskates like me. I probably wouldn’t have picked up Gritch’s new album, "The World Was Asleep" (released this August), if I hadn’t had the opportunity to sit down and meticulously listen to the six tracks that the trio posted for free listening on their page.
My initial thought was that any band listing Depeche Mode and The Postal Service as their influences probably self-produces demo-grade tripe in their basement on the weekends. I was also more than a little put off by the pretentious album title. Lucky for them, the power of “free” is strong. "Asleep" is very soft, the vocals a little too nasal, and the tracks quite similar – but there were some surprising qualities. It didn’t sound like anything else. I couldn’t just set my headphones down, dismissing them as another Dave Gahan or Death Cab for Cutie wannabe group.
For what it’s worth, this band is completely different.
Melodic tracks like "It Came to an End" layer electro-pop orchestral sound effects and repetitive drum machine rhythms. Some of the other tracks, like "Sunday Morning Train" – which was my least favorite track, although it has twice as many plays as the others – has a repetitive guitar sequence: the only exception to my own statement about originality. The song opens with a remarkably similar opening to Death Cab’s A Lack of Color; I’m not saying it was a rip off, but anyone familiar with Death Cab’s Transatlanticism will notice the resemblance.
That aside, the album is remarkably true to its genre; it truly is electro-pop. More than a couple of fifteen-year-old kids with expensive music software and too much time on their hands, Gritch offers catchy music with an electronic base and reasonably meaningful and concrete lyrics, that help balance out the slightly nasal vocals.
- P.U.L.P Issue 6 - Dec 2008

"Gritch EP Release Show"

The world may continue going blue in the face while holding its breath for a new Postal Service release—in the meantime, Denver has its own flag-bearers of electronica-spiked pop in Gritch. There's not a shred of freshness in the group's synths-plus-sighs sound, but the new EP Sunday Morning Train—whose release is being celebrated at the Larimer Lounge Saturday—is a simultaneously warm and icy slice of aural sweetness. - The Onion


10.12.2010 - Arrivals & Departures (LP)
4.28.2009 - Sunday Morning Train (EP)
8.19.2008 - the world was asleep... (LP)



Gritch is a five piece indie/electronic/rock band featuring catchy vocal melodies and love sick lyrics that blend into pop-sensible, hook-filled music with well placed electronic elements that push the envelope and demands the listener's attention. The lineup consists of Christian Atencio on guitar and vocals, Sean Payton on they keyboards, Ron Green on lead guitar, David Dolezal on the bass guitar, and Marc Paladino on the drums.

Gritch began in the Spring of 2006 when Atencio approached Payton for help on a few song ideas he had written. The result was a collaboration that blossomed into two songs, including the undeniably infectious "Sunday Morning Train". Upon completion of these tracks to their lineup, they recruited White who added an element of guitar-driven sophistication that powerfully captures the band progressing towards greater musical landscapes.

In August 2008, Gritch released its first full length album, entitled "the world was asleep..." A successful college radio campaign followed the release that saw seven of the album's thirteen songs receive airplay across 200 stations, as well as high praise from industry insiders. The band has also licensed music from the"the world was asleep..." to multiple US cable television shows including MTV's The Real World, and Road Rules for use in 2009.

On April 28, 2009, the band released its 2nd release entitled “Sunday Morning Train EP”. The EP featured 4 new songs and 4 tracks with new takes on songs found on the band's 2008 LP "the world was asleep…”

On October 12, 2010, Gritch released its second full length album entitled "Arrivals & Departures." The band would see their lead guitarist Terrance White move onto greener pastures in Canada while introducing Charles Zender on the synthesizer and Alejandro Parra taking over lead guitar duties until 2012. Zender would also leave the band while pursuing a career move in Hawaii.

In early 2012, the band parted ways with Parra and introduced Ron Green as their lead guitarist while adding David Dolezal on the bass. The band also kicked their drum machine to the curb and added Marc Paladino as the band's new drummer.

"Awaking from our slumber" in 2012, Gritch will start their journey back onstage with a few shows starting in April in the Denver area. So much to be continued...