Griz possesses the songwriting depth of the finest folk artists delivered with an honest rock and roll feel. The genre hopping selection of songs keeps varied audiences interested and excited. Due to their ability to read the crowd, the band creates an emotional trip not achieved by most acts.


Affectionately known by all who love him as Griz (and currently performing under that pseudonym), Chris Grunwald is a Philadelphia born artist who has been delivering the goods for more than a decade. Constantly adding to his creative resume, he continues to explore different musical avenues both as a solo performer and with several Philly based bands. Griz' rustic exterior is embedded with thoughtful honesty and raw affection. His repertoire is a unique collection of songs crafted with an untamed scrutiny of the human experience that leaves an audience energized and ready to dance. This rocking vibe sets Griz apart from his mates in the local folk scene.

When Griz is playing with his full band, it is the fleshed out manifestation of his songwriting. Accompanied by a rotating cast of accomplished musicans, it brings to life the rock and roll sounds that Griz hears in his head (along with the voices). They enjoy a fun loving fan base that can often be heard singing along to songs from Plant Life, as well as newer tunes from The Secret in the Garden.

Griz is currently living the dream in Paoli, Pennsylvania with his wife, 3 kids, 2 cats and 1 turtle.

Artistic collaborations and credits:

Griz - songwriter, guitar, lead vocals (2009 to present)
Philadelphia Songwriters Project and Turtle Studios Producers Choice Award (2011)
Philadelphia Songwriters Project Contest Winner (2011)
Philly Folk Parade - member (2010 to present)
Ryan Tennis and the Clubhouse Band - bass, vocals (2010 - present)
Hezekiah Jones - vocals, guitar, drums, bass, keyboard (2006 to present)
The Spinning Leaves - bass, vocals (2008-2009)
Hezekiah Leaves / Spinning Jones - lead guitar (2010 - present)
Cowmuddy - guitar, vocals (2007-present)
Philly Sings Philly - contributor (2010)
Hunter's Cannon - drums, vocals (2007 to present)
Soul Shakedown Party Reggae Tribute (2008-present)
StillWillis - songwriter, guitar, bass, vocals (2003-2007)


Company Man

Written By: Chris Grunwald

Company Man
A company man with a company smile
wondering how he got this far
Talking with my girlfriend
Sitting at the end of the bar
I know something that he don't know
She's going home with me
As soon as i get sober
soon as she's ready to leave

Oh, there's smoke on the horizon
Oh, a hundred more bridges to burn
Oh, there's a bad moon risin'
Oh, a hundred more lessons to learn

She is looking so good tonight
I wanna love her in a million ways
Love her still tomorrow
Love her for the rest of my days
She's got storm clouds in her eyes
and if it's gonna rain
I wanna drink up every drop, dear
Drink up all the pain

Oh, still I wish I could run away
Oh, start all over again
Oh, Just give me a holiday
Oh, Just give me a friend

An honest man with an honest smile
Wondering how he got this far
Is picking up the coat check
and going out to warm up the car

Waiting for the End

Written By: Chris Grunwald

I've been working on a farm picking up potatoes
Storing them in silos
Waiting for the end
Staring at the stars drinking corn whiskey
hoping that you'll miss me
when I'm not around anymore

You've been talking to ghosts up in the trees
holding out for a host of pleasant things
to believe in something

There's a flying machine scratching up the skyline
blocking out the sunshine
throwing shadows on the lawn
I've been waiting for my heart to make all my decisions
I call it intuition
it hasn't gotten me very far

There are UFO's and unsolved mysteries
All the things you don't know are the easiest things
to believe in something

I've got pictures of dolphins on the walls
and I've been trying to understand their calls
to believe in something

The Secret in the Garden

Written By: Chris Grunwald

Dreams of paper and a north wind
in a bed beside the coast
It's in the morning, bright and early,
making coffee, making toast
On vacation for the first time
in a long time, I'm overdue
I just need some time here in my mind, dear
to decide what I should do

All these problems, so many problems
too many problems I can't solve
Think I'll hide them in the garden
i think I'll leave them there to rot

In the garden, in the tall grass
there's a road between the trees
Led by sugarplum fairies, extraordinary
things are waiting to be seen
There's a secret in the garden
if we feed it, it will grow
I ask all of my good friends, "When does the drought end?"
Thy can't tell me 'cause they don't know

All these problems, the world's got problems
too many problems we can't solve
Think I'll hide them in the garden
I think I'll leave them there to rot

The Slow Response

Written By: Chris Grunwald

I used to think about how I could live without all of the finer things
and I would spend my days thinking of a way to end the suffering
I lived just like a monk, thinking what I thunk, then think it through again
Losing track of time, lost inside my mind, the void my only friend

Then she came along guarding a song
said to belong to the void

And when my race is run I won't know how I've done, I won't know where I've placed
And I can't help but feel that it's one raw deal, one that can't be traced
No wonder violence crushes silence and backs it to the wall
It's just a slow response from all the ghosts it haunts, designed to save them all

I should have learned not to return
just to get burned by the sun

Only Dreadlock

Written By: Chris Grunwald

Only dreadlock know, Only dreadlock see
we take the right hand when we enter Zion

O Natty Natty Natty Natty
is a state of mind
And Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, Dirty
a way to remind
how easy it is to believe
into the earth we'll be recieved


O Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
all my faith is gone
And Help me, Help me, Help me, Help me
Help me put it on
and open up my eyes to see
O just how good life could be


Deserter's Blues

Written By: Chris Grunwald

I am just a lone deserter headed for my country home
A cold and tired and weary soldier trying to save his cursed soul
The night they burned the barracks
I left my tags and run

When I was young, oh so much younger they signed me up to fight this war
Now I'm old and wise and stronger without a will to fight anymore
And back home in Kentucky
waits the girl I love

She has got a wealthy suitor and when he hears that I have burned
He will call upon and win her, thinking that I'll never return
But up here in this forest
beats an aching heart

I must trace this lonely river as word of my death goes on the wire
I must race that dreadful letter, telling of that fatal fire
'Cause women wed for money
when true love is gone

I Like A Beach

Written By: Chris Grunwald

I like a beach all day-o
I like a beach all day

I think I'll sit in my cabana
i think I'll eat a ripe banana
I think I'll call up Mariana
I think i'm gonna 'cause I wanna

I like a beach all day-o
I like a beach all day

I think I'll sit in my cabana
Sipping pina colada
Or dip my toes in the water
I think I'm gonna 'cause I wanna

I like a beach all day-o
I like a beach all day

My Side of the Hill

Written By: Chris Grunwald

Life keeps getting harder, my side of the hill
Seems the more that I give it's just the more that they steal
And the road keeps on turning to the wrong side of town
Seems the more I climb up, just the more they push down

I was scared, I didn't know any better
I was scared, I didn't know anyone

She said, "Get into the car. We'll drive over the hills."
"You can forget all your worries, fuck all your bills."
"Because you shouldn't pay for nothing you can't hold in your hands."
"You're just starving yourself while your feeding the man."

I was scared, I didn't know any better
I was scared, I didn't know anyone
I was scared, i didn't know it would get better
I was scared, we didn't know anyone

Why Do Things Go Wrong?

Written By: Chris Grunwald

the first rays of moonlight come into the room
making me feel so small
There's a roof overhead, next is the sky
above that is everything
I'm tired of trying to fall back to sleep
to dream that it's all her fault
When the pillow keeps tapping on the back of my head
and blames me for everything

She's a good lover and I'm a good strummer
but this song's just too hard to play
The rhythm keeps changin', the words rearranging
and the meaning behind it seems to hard to convey

Took her on down to Melody Falls
to hear her waters rise
She played piano while I played guitar
and it made all the birdies sing
But something went wrong on the way to the car
and back to reality
where the wounds that I carry keep opening up
and bleed over everything

She's left to wonder and I'm left to suffer
'cause some things are too hard to say
Like, "the heart that I'm breaking is the one that will save me."
But the truth keeps on giving itself away

Already Been Down This Road Before

Written By: Chris Grunwald

All the fat cats from the M. I. machine
are sitting 'round planning a war
Some little countr y's got what the bigger one needs
so we've gotta send the boys on a tour
Each of them predicting how they'll limit the dead
but nobody's listening to what the general said
He said, "We've already been down this road before."
In the little country there's a mother and child
scrambling about on the floor
Bombs start dropping round her house again
and she don't think she can take anymore
It's been thirty years since there's been peace in her land
and everybody's fighting over pieces of sand
She says, "We've already been down this road before."

How many times you gotta see that it's always gonna work out the same?
And if you ain't got any skin in the game, then don't play it
Every time that the bullets fly, come some bigger ones to even the score

Peace marchers walking onto Washington town
Straight up to the Congress' door
We've got two wars raging and some more in the works
and the criminals are watching the store
When the good people gonna rise up and stand and demand
that they stop and never do it again?
because we've already been down this road before


"The new album, The Secret in the Garden (due for release in summer of 2011) promises to be a game changer for the Philly music scene. With the help and production of Philadelphia champion Andrew Lipke, as well as guest performances by Andy Keenan and Fred Berman (Amos Lee), Dean Gorfti (Hezekiah Jones), Steve Ciannavei (Rev. TJ McGlinchey and the Froemen) and Susan Rosetti (Slo-Mo/Stargazer Lily), the 12 songs encompass the vast collection of skills Griz possesses as a master craftsman of his art. From a rosy calypso beach song to a wailing reggae hymn and back to a heartbreaking civil war folk ballad, this album takes the listener on a monumental journey of sentiment and truth. Griz is without a doubt the artist to watch in 2011."