Grizzly Adams Family

Grizzly Adams Family


Deep grooves, thick vocal harmonies, slick guitar, and thoughtful songwriting converge to make the Grizzly Adams Family an act not to be passed up.


Griz Fam Description

The Grizzly Adams Family is an original 6 piece band that plays their own brand of indie americana. Some of the material is set to a backdrop of African rhythms, and has been described as "Fela beats with Nick Drake sentiment". Other songs are more Indie Rockin' with crafty guitar work blending into the big vocal sound of the four singers. Led by guitarist, singer and songwriter, Chris Mosley, the Griz Fam packs a powerful, artful performance.

Mosley, the primary songwriter, was born and raised in Austin, TX, steeped in the rootsy and bluesy sounds of the town. Upon discovering jazz, he went to Berklee College of Music to study with some of the great teachers of the genre, and after two years moved to Portland, OR to become a highly involved member of the scene there. In his time in Portland, he released three records of original music and played guitar as a sideman on many more. Returning to Austin was returning to his roots, where he started writing new songs and assembled this top flight group of musicians, melding genres, influences, and the personal styles of the individuals into an exciting new but timeless sound.


3 More Weeks(Amnesty)

Written By: Chris Mosley

Well I drank the rent and the money's gone
Work is short but the nights are long and I don't mind
When that sun goes down there's always something to find

Back to buying beer from the loose change jar
When you're here you wonder where you are and where you'll be
But I got three more weeks of amnesty
Yea I got three more weeks of amnesty
And it's one more day that she'll stay with me

Well when times are tight you know I'm still alright
Got a girl that stays my side and she don't mind
When I can't buy her dinner
She says you'll drink yourself to an early grave and
I suppose you believe you're acting brave but think of me
You know I'd miss you if you were gone
You know I need you all night long

I just say...
La da la da da da...


Drunkalong Singalogue ep - 2013