G Rod

G Rod

 Adrian, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

Being pronounced dead on arrival on Halloween was a perfect avenue for God to manifest himself through the flesh and breathe life back into G-ROD. He stamped it with a raw witty flow with lyrics straight from the throne to the dome! You will find sweet metaphors and healing with "The Remedy"


My Story

G-Rod, (Gerod Sturgis) born January 25, 1979, in Selbyville, Delaware was definitely born for the purposes of edifying the Kingdom of God and faced opposition from the enemy, even since the beginning of his life. His mother experienced great difficulties in delivering G-Rod, and even was faced with the choice of her own life over his. His mother chose life for him, and he was born at 10 months 10lbs and 7oz, a big healthy baby boy, and they both made it.

Later on in his life the enemy tried many different times to end his life and his potential to be used for the Kingdom. He experienced three car accidents, one of which the car flipped over five times carrying himself, a 16 and a 6 yr old passenger, and they all walked away with no scratches.

After making a few bad choices, Gerod began heavily selling and using drugs, which led to an overdose on Halloween October 31, 1999, nearly ending his life. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead on the scene. He experienced intense spiritual warfare during this time, and promised to God that if he were to get him through this he would serve Him for the rest of His life. God did save Gerod on that day, and since then, he has been using his gifts of poetry, rap, and preaching God’s word to serve Him.


1999 – Worked with EASTSTAR

Collaborated with artists such as: Da Flock, John Da Baptist. Those included in the group EASTSTAR were G-Rod, Troy, Bailey, Greg S., Tazia. They would use their individual gifts of rapping and/or singing Gospel Hip Hop in various churches, conferences, and events around Delmarva.

2000 – Generation X Youth Conference

While on tour with the Gospel rap group Da Flock, Gerod performed original solo pieces. The conference was a youth conference tour which brought out approximately 8,000 people. Other known artist consisted of Virtue, and Kuttlas.

2001 – Youth Conference with over 2,000 in attendance – Philadelphia, PA

Gerod was advertised in opening with original poetry, and song performance for the large conference. Well known artists were also advertised, which some consisted of Isreal and New Breed, Fred Hammond, and Dietrich Haddon.

2002 – Men’s Conference in Atlanta, GA

Shared the stage with The Grits, and Canton Jones while ministering original solo pieces, as well as collaborating with John Da Baptist. There were over 4,000 people in attendance, and there was a great move of the Holy Spirit.

2003 – 2005 – Wise up Records

Participated in 2 large tours, “Life or Death”, and “Acquire the Fire” consisting of a total of 30 cities across America, with producer, L.G. Wise, former artist of GrapeTree Records. The “Acquire the Fire Tour” held the minimum in attendance of 17,000 people, and maximum in attendance of 20,000 people on weekend shows. Ron Luce, as seen on TBN, heavily participated in speaking, and the development of the tour.

Recorded solo album entitled, “Suffer then Reign” in 2004, including other recording artist such as: L.G. Wise, Mr. G. Reality, and Future.

2007 – Adullam House Global
Performed at the Gospel Music Awards for the Hip Hop after party. Other artist included in this event were Canton Jones, Precise, Pettidee, Grits, Japhia Life, Soul P, Demetrius, Urban D, Mr. Del, and Pigeon John.

Youth service at Daytona Beach, FL with CEO of Adullam House Records, Big Shadow, and former GrapeTree artists Lil Raskull, and Antonius.

2008 - Present - Assisted in the Founding of Image of God Christian Center Church in Adrian, MI

Along side of Pastor Claude E. Bevier, (BIG Shadow), G-Rod assisted in starting a Word of Faith Church in Southeast Michigan, which is now under the leadership of Living Word Christian Center in Roosevelt, IL, under Pastor Bill Winston.

Gerod was very dedicated to seeing the ministry flourish as he assisted in several departments and in several different capacities throughout the years some of which including assisting in running of the Men's Discipleship Home, running media department, serving in the music ministry, drama department, wherever needed, and currently serving as the Youth Pastor.

2010 – Eikon Entertainment & Turn Challenge Tour

Helped in the forming of the new face of Adullam House Records, Eikon Entertainment, as they launch the beginning of Claude Bevier Ministries (CBM), Turn Challenge Tour.

2013 – Release of "The Remedy" and "Crying Out" Video

G-Rod's sophomore album, "The Remedy" was released with the hit single "Crying Out" as his TV ready music video. Marks the beginning of "The Remedy" Album Release Tour.


1. Suffer Then Reign 2004 Wise Up Records.

2. The Remedy coming in 2013
Adullam House Global.

Set List

G Rods Show Consist of 4 songs and ministry.

1. Aint Goin Back
2. J.E.S.U.S.
3. Heaven and Earth
4. Ministry (generally 20 minutes).
5. Keep On Pressin

The Entire Set Usually Takes 45 minutes-1hour.