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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Les Gromechkos on RTHK Radio 3 with Phil Whelan"

http://programme.rthk.org.hk/channel/radio/programme.php?name=radio3/morning_brew&d=2012-10-18&p=2505&e=&m=episode - RTHK Radio 3

"Live Review from Underground 105 - Les Gromechkos"

Les Gromechkos are easily one of the most different bands I’ve seen here, primarily because the gypsy-punk style (and its kith) just aren’t done very often here. And these guys do it well too – their combination of African and European anad Romani rhythms, perhaps best exemplified in Toit Émoi…, was potent, and well comparable to the giants of the genre, like Gogol Bordello or Motherhead Bug. They also had the heavy-handed loucheness of the early Elvis Costello kind, which made their songs even more forceful than gypsy punk usually is. They do rely on the plinky honky tonk piano much more than bands of this sort do, which leavens the sound in a good way, making it brighter and more ska-ey. Indeed, there is a bit of Mighty Mighty Bosstones in Le Secretaire, for instance) in their sound, if only because the songs sometimes got very intensely rocky. The same was done by the flute, but in a more winding and playful way, that actually formed the melodies. Their songs’ undulating pace was in interesting contrast with their choice of wearing a uniform, making each song as different as each band member looked similar.
They also themed their songs explicitly in HK, which was nice. Wanchai Cowboy was a perfectly kitschy, plinky saloon song to start with, and moved into that low budget spaghetti Western sound, before actually becoming slightly Latin; the ease with which this transition was achieved speaks to the band’s abilities as song writers. Le Crecheur De Flute had an almost jazzy feel to it, before the intense gypsy rock tune kicked in – and how, because this one had people singing along to it (not something that happens often, and certainly not to bands that people are unfamiliar with).
[At this point, I’d like to say that the crowd that night were just brilliant. They were more open and willing to participate in the show as a group than nearly any I’ve seen in HK. Very, very heartening.]
There was some Run DMC-esque hip-hop thrown in with La Gromechkienne, followed by some very heavy rock indeed – it almost sounded like Flipper’s I Saw You Shine. Bye Bye was a great closer; a potent earworm, it had some very frantic guitar-work indeed. The song sounded a bit like Muse, if they were interesting. These guys had the crowd going all the way through, and seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the dancing crowd (which is saying something). It was a terrific set, and one of the most upbeat notes I’ve seen gigs close on. These guys are quite something, and well worth your time going out and watching.
– Shashwati Kala - The Underground Hong Kong


Sur le Fil de la Moustache - Album - 2010
Le Cracheur de Flute de Sham Shui Po - Single - 2013



From East to West, from North to South…the 6 members of Les Gromechkos are exploring all the hidden sides of Hong Kong to create a universe that echoes in their original tunes. Taking its roots in the early 60’s Jamaican Rocksteady, their music evolved in a unique blend of ska, rock and gipsy-punk. From a crazy accordion to a charming flute, from a canny keyboard to a bouncy bass, from a killer drum to the crystal glass breaking voice of their charismatic singer: you won’t stop your body from skanking on their catchy riddim.