Salem, Virginia, USA

Groova Scape is versatile, creative band that relies on strong musicianship and distinctive vocals; it has opened for Dave Matthews buddy Tim Reynolds (twice), Thievery Corp., RAQ, EOTO, The Bridge, U-Melt, Booty Band, and received rave reviews. Hash of Thievery says Groova is "amazingly creative."


With excellent musicianship and strong vocals, Groova Scape moves between a variety of musical styles during a show, and has tremendous fun with its funk-rock-reggae-jazz format. There are also hints of electronica and even Southern Rock.
Groova has gotten recognition and has begun to make major moves as a result. Increasingly, Groova has been asked to open for national acts, Tim Reynolds and TR3 (twice), EOTO (String Cheese), RAQ, The Bridge, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, U-Melt, Basshound (twice) and a host of others.


The Revolution

Written By: Marcus Morris

The sun sets in the hills
when the day is done
The twilight subsides
and the night is on
The cat is on the fence
singin' gospel songs
The dog is in the backyard
just howlin' at the moon

You know the rebel ship is near
Although it hasn't yet appeared
You better check your rear view mirror
Or else you're never gonna to make it

We'll paint this town red
and its music scene
Sound's not just my weapon
but my ways and means
Big Bertha's in the front row
just makin' eyes
Delilah's in the background
just plotting my demise

You know the Revolution's here
and you know my only fear
Is that you're never gonna hear
What it'll take for you to make it

The dark catches fire
in the eastern sky
You sailors be warned
for this tide will rise
The bird is on his perch
singin' Thanks and Praise
The mouse is in his mouse hole
just hopin' he'll be saved

You know that Armageddon's near
And there's danger in the air
To the future I can't peer
There's a chance that we can make it
Yeah, I think we're gonna make it


GROOVASCAPE'S music highlighted the Fox radio series, Blue Ridge Live, on WPIN BLACKSBURG, Va. The band has multiple appearances on college radio at Virignia Tech and Radford University. They offer a wide array of originals in "Gracias", "Power Down," "Grits" "The Revolution," "Bottle of Red," "Blue Mountain," "Just Another Ploy (To Keep A Brother Down)," "Blue Tail Skink," "Soular Flare," "Buckwheat," "My Old Lady," "Last Monkey In Space," "Archimedes Point," "Coming Home," "Last Flight Out," "Tributary," among others. Our Covers include Cake, Phish, Sublime, Allman Brothers, Dispatch, John Prine, Marley, Hendrix, Santana, Tracy Chapman, Creedence, Rusted Root, Grateful Dead, among others.

Set List

Our set list varies on venue and audience, we can go from reggae to rock to jamband, even country/Southern rock.