GrooveAttic combines melodic song-writing with traditional yet innovative 70's funk grooves. Led by Kurt Skjaevestad (keyboards, vocals), this is an original project that holds good musicianship as it's highest priority. Mixing Funk, Jazz, Rock, and Soul, this group will make anyone wanna groove


On the Montreal scene only since 2007, GrooveAttic has enjoyed playing in and out of town to well receiving audiences. Led by Kurt Skjaevestad, this 8-peice soul/jazz band is anchored by it's core musicians: Jordan Peters on guitar, Nicolas Bedard on bass, Kevin Warren on drums & Kurt Skjaevestad on keyboards and lead vocal, who have created an immediate buzz in the surrounding area. When the stage permits, GrooveAttic is accompanied by Emma Frank and Akua Carson on back up vocals, and Dave Gossage on flute. This all-original project unifies clever song writing with heavy grooves and spontaneous improvisations that engage the audience right off the bat. Steve Lalla of 'The Hour' writes: "Kurt Skjaevestad... marries outstanding instrumentation on keys, guitar, drums, bass and flute with the precision an subtlety of a young Steely Dan", and is "one of my favorite local musical acts". This funky band has put on shows in Montreal independently as well as playing for featured nights such as Plug And Play, and Montreal Urban Grooves as presented by Global NTT. GrooveAttic has seen radio air play on CKUT and have been featured on The Weekend Groove, the Friday night R&B/Soul show hosted by Mikey Don. They are currently working on their new EP and look to release it by the end of Summer, 2008. Stay tuned!


GrooveAttic - Sneak Peek EP

Set List

A show usually contains about 12 originals and 3 or 4 covers with one or two set breaks depending on the venue and needs of the evening or event. Covers sometimes include old 70's hits like 'Golden Lady' - Stevie Wonder, 'Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone' - Bill Withers, 'I Can Dig It Baby' - Little Beaver, and newer R&B tunes like 'Lady' - D'Angelo.

1) Forgetting Your Name
2) Like a Tree
3) Don't Tell Me
4) Prove Me Wrong
5) Dedication
6) Sailor Out At Sea
7) I Wanna Do It Again
8) Push Me Away
9) Memories Will Fade
10) Wings Of Intent
11) Mornings Have A New Grey
12) Cover My Eyes With Your Hands