Groove Component

Groove Component


Groove Component is a band with a simple vision: To abandon egos and create beautiful and meaningful music for people to feel, enjoy, and reflect upon.


Groove Component was born through a series of chance encounters. "I picked up the guitar as a teenager running loose through Broad Ripple (north Indianapolis). The first guitar, I got from a minister in a local outreach program to get teens off the street at night. I practiced until my fingers grew creeks from the strings. Shortly after he let me borrow his Fender. I came back and he was impressed with what I'd learned. He told me to keep the guitar. Many projects came and went, but my music never stopped writing itself. Before I knew it, I came to know myself once again as a performer. I met Paul Johnson, who will be referred to as "Red" from now on, at a local dive-bar open mic. Red walked in after practice with another project and I was impressed with what he had offered on stage. So I introduced myself and he sat in on my set. It was an instant cohesion of musical influences, so we continued to play after that night. I felt like Red was more of a brother than a band mate. Soon after, he introduced me to a friend of his who is a talented sound engineer, Paul Sherfick. After recording Red and I for a little while and playing roadie at some of our gigs, I found myself outside Sherfick's house waiting in the gravel drive for Red to show up and record. I hear this symphony of metal and alternative thunder pound through the house and ground. Drum heads and cymbals rang in my ears as sort of a seed of opportunity. Soon the monster had to take a break and get fresh air. That's when I introduced myself to Eddie Roodvoets. We jammed out and I asked Red to pick up the bass and tie it all together, and he agreed. A few weeks later we recorded at Sherfick's house. It wasn't much longer before we got Sherfick out from behind the controls and into his custom six-string. It was a locked down deal. We had an organic sound without anyone getting pissed at each other. After many bonding, bleeding, disappointing moments, on and off stage, and countless bottles of whiskey later we arrived at the name Groove Component, and it is a collaboration of dynamic proportions."
-Barry Fant


"Each member is unique in their own influences and styles. Barry's catchy rhythms, and vocal talent are nothing to be ignored"(Brad Cummins, Invent Fusion Entertainment)
"How can I describe Ed?""Contained rage...barely."(Paul Johnson)
"Reminiscent of early pearl jam, sound garden, and the 90's grunge scene, Sherficks guitar adds a crucial drive to the over all sound."(Eddie Roodvoets)
"It blows my mind what these guys have brought to the evolution of my midwest progressive rock melodys."(Barry Fant)

"I can't put my finger on who they sound like, they sound like Groove Component. They are their own."


Parts List-5 song E.P. (Demo)

Set List

Heed the Writing
Your Love
Red Stripe
Blue n' Grey
This Damn Mile
Dance w/ the Angels
Crystal Blue (Persuasion)
Strung Out
Chase Girl
Leave Me Hanging
World Coming Down
Lend a Little Tender
Chasing Stars
Here I Am
Bottom of the Bottle
What I Have Found
Little Harder
Wish You Could See This
What If I
The Value Of

3 Sets-1 Hour each or 2 Sets-1 1/2 Hours each
No covers