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A group of dedicated and talented musicians and singers who love and treasure their talent. Skilled in playing a variety of musical styles that will please their clients for any occassion or Venue.


We are a High Energy groove band for Parties and concerts and a smooth jazz or easy listening Band for venues or occassions that call for that type of entertainment. our influences include, Earth Wind Fire,Chicago,Al Jearau, Brain Brumberg,Gap Band,etc


None as yet

Set List

Smooth Jazz Show,First Set, each set 45 to 50 min.

1. Warmup Tune- Blues- Cold Duck-(F) Medium fast-Band
2. Caravan-Duke Ellington-Dave Wills,Gerald Adderly,Instrumentalist,(Med Fast)
3. Midnight at the Oasis-Dave Wills Soloist,(Eb)Medium-Band
4. Watch Out world,Debborah Ramsey,(D) Medium Fast-Vocal
5. My funny valentine,(Bbmin)-Slow-Vocal
6. St Thomas,(C)Latin Jazz-Med.Fast-Band
7. Cry Me a River,(Fmin)-Debborah Ramsey-Slow-Vocal
8. Jive Samba-(F) CannonBall Adderly,Gerald Adderly Soloist- Med.Fast-Band
9. Fly me to The Moon, (Bb)-Debborah Ramsey-Medium Fast-Vocal
10. Stormy Monday Blues-(Eb)-Debborah Ramsey-Med. Fast-Vocal
12. No Body-Chaka Khan, Dave Wills,Soloist-Med.Fast-Band
13. Sweat Love-(Bb) Debborah Ramsey-Vocals
13. Night in Tunisia-(Dmin) Med.Fast-Band
14. At Last,Debborah Ramsey-(F)-Slow-Vocal
15. Canteloupe Island-(Fmin)Med.Fast-Band
16. All The way-(Bb)-Debborah Ramsey-Vocal
17. Georgia-Debborah Ramsey-(C)-Slow-Vocal
18. Masque Nada-Fast Latin