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The best kept secret in music


"Grapevine review June 2004"

"Another band who've been spending time slaving over a mixing desk are THE GROOVEDOCTORS. They have just released their third studio album and like the last one it comprises all original material. They have never sounded better. 'Highlife' was recorded ay Gemini Studios in Ipswich and once again co-producer Pete nash and engineer Pat Grueber have done them proud. The Groovedoctors firmly believe if it isn't broken dont fix it so following on from the excellent 'Los Earlos' comes another collection of self-penned songs that take in more musical style than you can poke a stick at. Althouogh known primarily as a blues band, The Groovedoctors are far from a one trick pony. Blues purists will have their work cut out to find too much resembling a standard 12 bar or any other style associated with the blues genre. Instead they are treated to a CD which has its roots in the blues but takes on an identity of ots own. The Groovedoctors have always had strong links with Germany so we shouldn't be suprised to hear a song called 'Remise'which tells the story of a new years eve trip to a favourite haunt of theirs on the continent. Within hours of seeing in the new year wit their German friends the band were back in their van heading for home.

Tim Ainslies guitar work on 'Remise' is spell binding. Tim can trade licks with the best of them but on this number the notes he doesn't play are as important as the ones he does. A classic case of less is more and the sort of playing that i'd like to hear more guitarists adopt. There's not a weak track on this CD and the musicianship is of the highest quality. Pete Nash adds slide guitar and keyboards but he'll be the first to acknowledge the starring role played by the four Groovedoctors - John Butters, Luke Arnold, Fergie Fulton and the aforementioned Tim Anslie.
- Steve Foster BBC Radio

"Running horse Review"

Another deep breath ... there were people in tonight's audience for this East Anglian band with reservations. Me and the missus had none. I'd been giving their CD "Los Earlos" a listen before the gig and found it really whetted my appetite. It's consistently good and, to my delight, this performance showed they'd really 'grown' into the material. We hear a lot of hype about bands who are going to take the music forward in to the new millennium, blah, blah! Well, this lot do Blues and Beyond for real. Take a listen to the aptly-named "21st Century Blues" and hear something genuinely different. The first half featured quite a few numbers from the CD: the aforementioned glimpse of the future, the horizontal charm of "Tequila and Pils", the superlative jazz shuffle "Ain't Going Down", the ultra-cool "Blue Flame", "Hours on the Bus" with hypnotic guitar work from Tim Ainslie, the delirious mayhem of the title track and (my personal pick) the atmospheric "Call of the Wild" which showcased Luke Arnold's marvelous Chicago harp playing. Add a marvelous rhythm section, experienced drummer John Butters and the solid bass of Fergie Fulton, and you have one formidable band. The second half featured stuff from their soon-to-be-released CD which had me salivating - one called "Winter Blues" and the delirious party-pleaser (reggae, rhumba, it was all there!) "Highlife". This band believe 100% in what they're doing and, while their uncompromising approach may divide audiences, I believe they're firmly on the right track. Barry called them a cracking R&B band and I have to concur. They were fantastic: future-proof as well as fun. Keep ploughing that furrow, lads! It's only a question of time before the rest of the world catches up with you. Unreservedly recommended! - Dave Kingsbury

"Ashwyn Smyth Review 21st Jan 2005"

The Groove Doctors at Stormy Fridays at Pam's Bar on Friday last (21st January) were on superb form and, after a slow start, we had over 50 people through the door, many of whom were new and expressed themselves delighted that there were now regular Blues at Pam's Bar on Fridays.
But back to the Doctors. What a band! I had not seen them for a long time - what an omission! They played for just over two hours non-stop, virtually all original material, with much amusing banter between songs and above all looked as if they were really enjoying themselves.
I do tend to be accused of thinking everything is great opposite of crying wolf!) but the Groove Doctors really were great!
Tim Ainslie made his wonderfully effective and hard working guitar playing look effortless, John Butters, as ever, drummed up a storm as part of the superb rhythm section that he and Fergie Fulton on bass create.
Fergie's bass playing is original, and at times, very active but always spot on. Luke Arnold, well blow man blow! What a fabulous sound he coaxes out of those harps. Often using a chromatic harp to huge effect he is very much a one-off and administers just the right dosage!
As you may have gathered, I loved the band and had a ball.

In what was a really cracking year for new releases, a really terrific CD from the great Groove Doctors. Although based in Suffolk, the Doctors are a band who are, I think, considered to be honorary sons of Essex! After a very long wait, they are back with a fine new CD, “Highlife” which is well worth the wait. The Doctors are well known for playing their own particular brand of rocking blues with attitude and there is plenty of it on this CD. Definitely not one for the Blues purists (wash your mouth out Ashwyn!) for there is virtually nothing that sounds like a regular 12 bar number or, indeed, virtually any other Blues style.

Rather, here is a CD firmly founded on a Blues root stock, but onto which the band have grafted a hybrid which is distinctly their own. Amongst a great collection of self-penned material there is, for me, one track, “Remise”, which stands out for a number of reasons. First there is Tim Ainslie’s beautiful guitar work which is stunning and notable as much for the notes that are not played as for those that are! Second is the whole concept of the song, built around one of the band’s regular trips to Germany, this one on New Year’s Eve to one of their favourite haunts, and painting a stark contrast between their celebrations with friends and then back in the van to return home – the highs & lows of a life on the road. Archetypal Blues material.

Good also to see, or rather hear, Pete “Sonny” Nash, who takes co-producer credits playing some tasty slide guitar and keyboards on several numbers and, of course, Luke Arnold’s wonderful Chicago style harp playing, no wonder there are references to the Little Walter Appreciation Society in much of the band’s publicity material. This is a band that does not gig as much as their talent and skill warrants so grab a chance to catch them live if they are playing near you.

This really is an excellent CD and is, for me, just the sort of collection that may serve to attract younger music lovers towards the Blues in the same way as the music of NuBlues. Hopefully, it will also lead to greater recognition of this severely underrated band.

- Ashwyn Smyth


Los Earlos
Crazy Mixed Up World


Feeling a bit camera shy


The groovedoctors - raw rockin' R&B at it's absolute best. The Docs boast one of the neatest rhythm sections around. Bassman Fergie Fulton was a member of Bank's Best of Blues winners Booze 'n' Blooze, while drummer John Butters was the driving force behind one of East Anglia's most successful blues acts, The Mean Red Spiders. Together they motor!

Guitarist Tim Ainslie is critically acclaimed as one of the finest blues players on the scene. His unique style is stamped firmly on "Los Earlos", his debut recording with the band. Harmonica/Vocalist Luke Arnold is the real deal - a true honours graduate from the University of Little Walter, specialist subject: pure blues tone.

Successful UK festival appearances at Colne, Burnley, Farnham, Brentwood & Banbury along with a busy schedule of gigs in both the UK & Europe have not stopped the band continuing to write some of the most original blues material around, which features strongly on their second CD, " Los Earlos", released in May 2001. "Tequila & Pils" from this album was featured on Blues in Britain magazines' Best of British Blues CD to be released in December 2002.

The first CD "Crazy Mixed up World" was voted best CD of 1999 by BBC radio's Stephen Foster and was showcased in a live session recorded for BBC Radio 2's Paul Jones Show in December 1999."Los Earlos" was showcased in a further live session for the same programme broadcast in April 2002.


"The Little Walter appreciation society. Just when you thought you'd heard all that the British blues scene has to offer along comes an album that sets new standards. Material & arrangements of this quality are rare - this really is blues for the 21st century." - Stephen Foster, BBC Radio.

" Simply one of the most enjoyable live prospects out there at the moment." Tim Aves - Blues Matters"

"Sensational - justified on this showing. This is a four piece playing goodrockin' blues" - Farnham Blues Festival review - Blueprint

" I can't help thinking that this is just the stuff to bring blues to a new generation of fans. It's smart, on the ball, musically sound, lyrically just spot on, and completely unpretentious in presentation - not a cobweb in sight! On this form I can't recommend them highly enough." - Hilary Drysdale - Blues in Britain