The Groovefoot Experiment

The Groovefoot Experiment


The Groovefoot Experiment: experimenting in sounds of jazz, hip hop and beyond. Don't be caught missing the hottest new band to hit Colorado.


The Groovefoot Experiment is comprised of the hottest up and coming musicians out of the Northern Colorado area. All four members met though the prestigous jazz school at the University of Northern Colorado. Although the band has their roots in Bebop and hard bop, they have taken that extensive knowledge of jazz and put it to a more mainstream sound. Funk and hip hop are regularly incorporated, giving it a danceable sound. It's all in the name, on any given night you will here sounds experimenting in free jazz with a beat that never looses it's hard-hitting groove. The Groovefoot influences include bands like Soulive, the Motet, P-Funk, Sun Ra and Frank Zappa. These guys are contiously writing new, original tunes, as well as covers done like nobody else.


The Groovefoot Experiment self-titled EP:
Something Sexy (R. Gambrell)
New Funk (A. Nauman)
The Groovefoot Anthem (R. Gambrell, A. Nauman, S. Stewart)
Green Chimneys (T. Monk)
A Call For All Demons (Sun Ra)
Punky Reggae Party (B. Marley)

Set List

Something Sexy, Green Chimneys, A Call For All Demons, Afrobeat Jam, Another Side, A New Funk, Solar Flare, Crosstown Traffic, free jam, Romantic, Fate's Acquintance, Sam's Hit Tune, and many more

Three sets at one hour each, or two sets at one and a half hours.