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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Bite me"

Groove Foundation- Leaving Home

(1st Stone Records)

This L.A. based power trio produces some lively rock ‘n’ roll jams.
Leaving Home is a nice collection of groovalicious, melodic ditties that will
inspire wallflowers to get off their ass and get out on the dance floor and may even strike up a romance or two. The jazz techniques of drummer Chris K. add a nice touch to the mix. Groove Foundation makes some bold attempts on Leaving Home, and I respect them for that. -NIN
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Groove Foundation EP 1988
Leaving Home CD 2000
Groove Foundation Klown Sessions 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Guitar Driven Power Trios: see Hendrix, Cream, Nirvana, Green Day.

Groove Foundation, despite the 70’s disco name, churns out some serious shit. Three guys (hence the trio part) play fierce, energetic, guitar driven, hook filled rock and roll anthems with a beer bong bathtub full of influences, from punk to blues, psychedelic to jazz, and yes even good old fashioned modern alt. rock.

Leaving Home, their first full length indie release (after two critically acclaimed EP’s) on 1st Stone Records, captured their big guitar sound in live single takes. Their current release “Singles” is produced by veteran L.A. Producer Stevo Bruno (Fear Factory, Prong, Motley Crue) and features three powerful tracks that are sure to find a place in the hearts and minds of their devoted followers.

“Rip you to Shreds”, a modern day up tempo bluesy knock down drag out affair.
“Jungle Song”, think GNR meets Foo Fighters on speed.
“Circus Mosh”, “Stephen King and Dr. Seuss are running loose inside of my head…” you get the idea.

But let’s back track. Beanie, a Native American somehow found his way out of the peaks of the great white north of Alaska to attend the famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where he became friends with Casey who escaped his country roots of Oklahoma with 10 bucks and a bass guitar. After their first jam, a prolific song writing team was born.

Five years and 12,000 drummers later they uncovered Chris Kaye, a veteran L.A. drummer with a sordid past of formal jazz training with psychedelic overtones (think Mitch Mitchell). Together they started conquering the L.A. club circuit with about 75 songs and set lists made up on the spot; improvisational moments with stunning high’s and low space jam rumbles.

Recently, MTV picked up their song “Beginnings” for a TV special, they flew out to perform in Cleveland for Little Stevie Van Zandt’s Garage Band gig at The Beachland Ballroom, and they continue to keep up their west-coast following at the Whisky, Troubadour, The Joint, and other L.A.Clubs.

“We think music shines best when it’s spontaneous,” explains Casey. “Our shows have a lot of space for improvisation; we get off on the intensity of the unknown. Our recording sessions have also been really loose; where we just basically plug in and jam, we like to set trends, not follow them”.

From the music press: “Their fusion of diversity and unity highlight the band’s unique musical influences, all combining to create a heavy yet flowing sound of soft and melodic twists and high-energy rock and roll…”
With a deep Groove always at the Foundation…get it?

Contact info:

groove foundation
c/o 1st Stone Records
1247 Lincoln Blvd. #235
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 358-6474 (310) 482-4455
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