Groove Guerrilla

Groove Guerrilla


GG definitely do own style - when startet 2003 names like B.EyedPeas, Roots, Outcast or Morcheeba are sometimes used as a reference for this unique sound, that can change between laid back and lazy to bouncy and energetic. GG knows how to rock the party as well as to chill out and dream away..


Groove Guerrilla is one of the best german live acts (musix mag) & a mixture of soul - rnb - funk & a litte bit of hiphop styles (dj) there's no other band like GG in Germany with this authentic & "real" soulful athmosphere - live gg ist pure energy from danceable songs to ballads with the fantasic singer "Nicole Hadfield" from South Africa! Every audience is absolutly enthused from her performance. GG played from small clubs in germany, italy, switzerland, austria, turkey, tschech republik - to big festivals like SWR3 NEW POP FESTIVAL, MTV CAMPUS INVASION, ROCK AM RING, NUKE FESTIVAL ... toursupport for SOEHNE MANNHEIMS, supports for X. Naidoo, Joe Cocker, Silbermond etc.... GG released first single 2004, and first Album 2005 on sonybmg.

so it would be fine! to play on Popkomm Festival.

In 2006 GG released a club mix from "onmymind"
with vocal feature from seeed-singer "eased".
(german club charts postition 30)

2007 producing new album demos
during you're reading this;)


My Philosophy

Written By: Nicole Hadfield


Running late 35, i gotta drive
Sometimes this life is such a dive
Just another day and im on my way
Its cold
Skies are grey
Sittin in a train suddenly
I feel pain inside from what I see

I wanna feel soil right under my feet
No more stressed people on the street
I cant stand the reality
I wanna feel soil right under my feet
No more stressed people on the street
That’s my philosophy

So many ways Ive tried
But now im tired
From all of this pain I feel inside
Swazi natives dancing in the sun
With my fingers I wanna eat
A granadilla so soft and sweet
Sitting in the sun smoking swazi weed
You even know how a popo tastes a mango from mini mal
What a waste

I wanna feel…

It’s the G R OO VE the GG we call it the guerrilla
But don’t wet your pants we aint gonna kill ya
So check out the grooves
You betta not dismiss em
Not like the sounds of real war against the system
Cos what we do is slightly diiferent
Significant is that we don’t use arms but voice and instrument
Not obedient to the chart breaker recepie and
and we don’t tend to use just commercially approved ingredients
So step closer for you to feel the vibe
Let it run down your body and through your mind
As we fight for our rights
Only to get our shit tight
Yeah, that’s for your delight

I wanna feel…

I know a lot of things aint right but
If you never smile you cant win the fight
That’s my philosophy


Written By: Nicole Hadfield


Precious memories flow through my mind with ease
I think I must have been so blind to find
The inner beauty of man kind of remeniss
About the times we used to kiss the red soil and I miss
Sun sets behind Sheba’s breasts
Right before my eyes
Sunrise gave birth once again
To the virgin land
Please understand
The innocence within
Your open mind
Will let the sands of time
Proceed, protect, perfect my home

I can feel you ,can see you
Can taste you, embrace you
I breathe you in my dreams
Reach out my hand and feel
What I feel so lovely
You cant steal away from me
The energy, so good to me
You’re my love forever

Let our bare breasts beautify this land
So have we come
And share shall we return
Measure your lifeline
Treasure your past
Isn’t it strange how time flies before your wonderous eyes
So we search the beginning of no end
So sour is that fruit
We wish sweet
So shallow is the water
That we want deep
So hard we try
We try and try and try to succeed

One Man Show

Written By: Nicole Hadfield


im so sick of you telling me what you can see
because it's all a lie now
now i know just exactly what you want from me,
but you will never get it
see my aim of the game is just not the money
and not the lime light either
see im not like the others and will never be
oh no, did i upset you

i see through you so stop
all the games that your'e playing and get to the point
before i close the door now!
so you want me not them
don't you see you can never break this enterty
i think, its time i leave now

who do you think who you be
telling me that
im gonna be a one man show
why don't you think what you say
before you talk
and see that we are meant to be +1

see im here just to let you know how deep it goes
oh no, they can't deceive me
no longer will you be the person you are
come on, you better believe me
what a shame for you all who get caught in the trap
you know their out to use you
see i know that the reason for treasons's the loot
with me they'll never get it

all you universal soldiers and big money gods
why are revolutionaries never ever respected by the evil machine icon
shame on you! (shame on you) whoo, whoo.....

why do you judge me
i can't fit into your prophesy
please let us be
we can't fit into your crazy world
we are meant to be

who do you think who you be
telling me that
im gonna be a one man show
why don't you think what you say
before you talk
and see that we are meant to be


Miss Thing 2004 - Single (+ Vinyl) Radio Airplay

One Man Show 2005 - Album

On My Mind - Maxi 2006 feat. eased
(only Vinyl | German Club-Charts 30)

Miss Thing - Video 2004 (played by Viva)

My Philosophy - Video 2005 (played by MTV)

2007: DVD live from Finkenbach

Set List

no covers - only own made stuff!
typical set list is 80 minutes, shorter set, festival set and unplugges sets are possible