Groove Kitty

Groove Kitty

 San Marcos, California, USA
BandRockCover Band

Groove Kitty has been in the west coast circuit for 8 years, and is a vetted- fun high energy party event showcase. We will be in Arizona and Nevada this summer, and would love to be in your queue!

Billed as the " Guilty Pleasures Party ", Groove Kitty is known for bringing out the one hit wonders, hits, songs you love to hate and hate to love- with so much passion that everyone is singing or dancing along. It's about including everyone!

Venues across so Cal such as Saint Rocke, T


Groove Kitty's members have been together 7 years, with the latest addition being Lela Vickery on keys.  between the band mates, we are Music Academy members, Union musicians, credentialed music teachers, ASCAP and NAMM associates who take our music lives with deep love and effort.  We are one of the most booked bands from The Studio at CCMA, and have played with and for some of our all time favorite artists.  We are a tight,vetted, fun group of musicians who enjoy the full showcase event- and especially love the GUILTY PLEASURES Party showcase that Groove Kitty has become.  FUN- professionalism, and great music for entertaining almost any age or group.