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The best kept secret in music


"Substance, Style, Good Times"

You'll find a lot of things in music today, including bling, politics, and the occasional gunfight.
Although Groovelight Doesn't offer any of the above, they do provide smooth, original instrumentals with a unique, eclectic feel.
Stephen "Gunar" Gunn, drummer for Groovelight, believes his group has what it takes to distance themselves from the rest of the pack.
"Our good looks," Gunn said.
"And we don't smell bad."
Matt DeViney, guitarist for Groovelight offers an equally unique description of his band's seguing between styles.
"I Like to think of think of genres as many different rivers all leading to the same ocean; the ocean of music," DeViney said.
"I think what we hope to do is act as musical nomads, traversing that musical map, drinking from and urinating into any river we come across."
For nearly two years now, Groovelight has been drinking from the river that is the local music scene.
Gunn offers his own broad definition of the band's style.
"I call it progressive fusion. It's pretty vague, but I like it that way," Gunn said.
"We touch too many styles, often times in one song, to throw us into one category."
Gunn went about forming the band in a somewhat untraditional manner.
"I had scheduled the first gig long before I had a band," Gunn said, adding that the inaugural show went well.
"I put the band together, I knew all the members from different groups of friends," Gunn said.
"I made the calls and asked if people wanted to play some music.
After the first gig is when we decided to keep Groovelight going."
Anyone who's been privy to a Groovelight show will recall their Frank Zappa tribute.
Though none of the band members had hit puberty before Zappa passed away, it's comforting to know that the next generation of rockers appreciates the classics.
Thomas Turner, saxophonist for Groovelight, offers a glimpse into what the first time show-goers can expect from his band.
"Superb excellent music; musicianship to a 'T'," Turner said.
"Not only are you going to have a good time listening to us, but interacting with the people around you."
Nate Riggs, bassist/pianist for Groovelight, agrees that listeners are in for quite a show.
"This is going to sound very egotistical, but we do have talent," Riggs said.
Riggs hopes that Groovelight can continue to draw a diverse crowd to their shows.
"We want all types of people to like our music," Riggs said.
"We just want to get a good response from everyone we play for
"We're just a band that wants to have fun."
As far as having fun goes, DeViney has a few stories along those lines.
"Once upon a time, Gunar and I were stumbling through Lawrence and decided to take a pit stop," DeViney said.
"We christened some bushes in a front yard and the homers walked out the front door."
A formula for disaster?
They looked at us and began screaming,
'Groovelight's peeing in our bushes! Yeah!'
"They then invited us into their home for festivities," DeViney said.
Ah, the luxuries of leading the rock and roll lifestyle.
While Groovelight aims to have a good time, the members to take their craft very seriously.
DeViney views his music as more than a mere hobby.
"Music is a celebration of life," DeViney said.
"To not participate would make one feel unthankful, if not dead."
Moving forward, music will always be a driving force in DeViney's life.
"Personally, to get to the point where I understand music as an art form and a language so fluently that I can perfectly dictate any notion familiar to the humand mind through any combination of notes," DeViney said of his longterm goals. However, DeViney has more to share with his listeners than his philosophy and career aspirations.
"We will play at your house for you and all of your friends for free food and beverages," he said.
Although the benefits of complimentary dining and public unrination are nice, putting out quality work is Groovelight's priority.
"We do it just because we like the music that we make together," Turner said. That's what keeps us going." - The Campus Ledger


┬┐smashytendo? - 2004
Radio play on various online radio sites / streaming radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Groovelight was formed in mid 2003 by drummer Stephen "Gunar" Gunn. He and guitar player Matt DeViney had already started writing songs earlier that year, but it wasn't until Stephen invited Nate Riggs to join on bass guitar and Thomas Turner to join on Saxophone that Groovelight became an actual band. Groovelight played their first gig at the local Kansas City venue Homer's Coffee House in late 2003. After good reviews on their first performance, Groovelight went into woodshed mode to practice and write songs for the next six months. After recording their third live performance in May of 2004, it was easy to tell that Groovelight was quickly becoming a song writing and performing force. A unique music style and a goofy sense of humor on and off stage helped earn them the reputation of being a must see live band. Groovelight was able to schedule many smaller gigs around the KC area over the summer and their style only became more mature and tighter musically. After creating some stir in the local music scene, and earning a fan base, Groovelight was able to enter the studio to record a 10 track album of all originals. After impressing the engineer by laying down 10 tracks in under 2 hours, he devoted a few hours of his personal time to help mix and master the demo CD. Things really started to pick up for Groovelight after they left the studio. With feedback from locally and nationally renowned professionals, it was clear they were on the right path. Since the release of their first album, ┬┐smashytendo?, Groovelight has won all four Battle Of The Bands they have entered, written over two hours worth of new music, added a fifth member, played at the Wakarusa Music Festival 2005 on a main stage, and continued to leave audiences speechless. With Groovelight's universal musical appeal, they can fit into any bill, anywhere, for any amount of time.