Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA

Conceptual, melodic, original and diverse, Jim's lead guitar style weaves through textural grooves woven of fabric from the heaviest blues-rock and tasteful progressive riffs to subtle acoustic compositions that draw on rhythms inspired by the world music community. Will groove anywhere, worldwide!


A player since age 9, Jim has been heard working in bands and studio situations in and around the greater Chicago area and surrounding states, as well as the Southwestern US for over 30 years.

After a solid start back in the late '70's fronting as lead guitarist of Chicago's Syn with bassist/vocalist Joe Mancini (and also where his original nick 'The Wizard' was coined), Jim then moved on to the technical side of things for awhile and in 1983 completed courses in recording engineering at Schaumburg's Solid Sound Studios.

During the same period, a band that would eventually be known as The Heatlamp Hotdogs tapped Jim in 1981 to add his unique style and lead work to an already eclectic mix being put together by bassist Ted Mikos, guitarist/flautist Joe Mikos, sax man Bill Camacho, drummer Bill Pica and Jim Weindorf, also on guitars... a band that still remains together in various incarnations with Jim and Bill Pica at the helm.

In 1990 Jim met up with New Orleans bassist/songwriter Luis Caballero and eventually, with drummer and DJ extraordinnaire Chris Gin (The Custom One!), all three became the all original band, 'By Any Means', playing music written by Jim, Luis and Chris either together or individually. The formation of BAM in 1992 also marked the beginning of one of Jim's most creatively productive periods. Supported throughout the 1990's by Rocky Jones and the good folks at Chicago's legendary DJ International Records and even after a self-imposed lay-off in 2001 BAM is still a creative work in progress, more as a collective concept than a band, with it's members currently scattered throughout the United States...

Off the stage, when his wife Cheryl is not hammering Jim to produce new music, Jim spends his time caring for his 5 year old son and absolute little hero, Peter, who is highly challenged with both hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.

Set List

Existence By Persistence
Rise Up
Southern Cross Sunrise
Makin' A Scene
Cool Night In June (w/Mark Mummer)
No Lo End
Sam Hill
Girlfriends Into Outer Space
My Baby (runs like a river)
The Solitude of Snowfall
Livin' Without Ja
Superstition (w/Tom Dudley)
Light At The End
8 Point 5
The Waters Of September

Covers ranging from the '60's to the present including a full set of Pink Floyd from The Wall
Wish You Were Here
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
Young Lust
Run Like Hell
Comfortably Numb
The Nile Song (Syd Barrett era)