Gross Misconduct

Gross Misconduct


Kick ass death/thrash metal with melodic elements and intelligent song structures. Think - Death/At The Gates/Black Dahlia Murder "Song construction, technical prowess and overall skull bludgeoning - here's a band that's ready to take it to the next level" BWBK - April 2008


Combining equal parts calculated aggression, harmony-laden structures and unique song writing, Gross Misconduct has forged an undeniable mark on the metal landscape with the release of the band’s first independent album, The Process of Indoctrination.

Influenced by many of metal’s sub-genres but aligned with none, the band combines classic, melodic song structures with the brutal aggression of today’s death, thrash and grind scenes to create a unique hybrid of modern metal.

Consisting of David London (vocals, guitars), Jesse Brint (guitars/backing vocals), John Kurucz (drums) and Ryan Shepard (bass), the band's sound has been compared to Death, Morbid Angel, the Crown, and Dimension Zero by fans and media alike. Since setting up shop in Vancouver, Canada in 2003, the band has shared the stage with renowned international acts including Amon Amarth, The Haunted, Forbidden, Martyr, Neuraxis, Augury, Unexpect, Infernal Majesty, Thine Eyes Bleed, and Anonymus, on top of playing the Vancouver date of the 2007 and 2009 Vans Warped Tour.

With their first full length attracting considerable attention from metal fans, labels, distributors and media alike, the band has undeniably proven that it can hold its own with today’s established metal acts, Gross Misconduct is now looking for support from labels and distributors to help the band continue its path of momentum on a world-wide scale.


The Process Of Indoctrination - 2008
TBA - 2010

Debuted on the Loud earshot! charts at #2 for Jan, 2008

Set List

Mix it up nightly, generally a 45 minute set of originals. Sometimes the occasional Sabbath cover