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""a modern tech-thrash web of wickedness""

While the lame-for-what-they-do name might spark some M.O.D. or Murphy's Law bong-mosh ideas, this Canadian killer is far elsewhere, noodling there asses through a modern tech-thrash web of wickedness.

Modernized invigoration flows through classic tech-death prowess, and each song on The Process Of Indoctrination lifts a few hints from Death, Megadeth and Gorguts, rocketing them into today's "anything goes" world of genre-crossing with total class, talent and an obvious physiological bond with their metal heroes.

Fans of brethren tech-fucks Neuraxis, Gorod, Martyr and the mentioned acts could get gnarly with these tangled but cohesive equations.
Supposedly they butcher onstage; I'll have to prove that to my own ass someday. The disk was a pleasure to tackle.
- Metal Maniacs, January 2008

""the urge to experience it live is insatiable""

Testament and Death seem to be favourites of the guys in Gross Misconduct as they fall into that particular thrash category. Proficiency fully in check, these Canucks play as though it was the last supper. Song construction, technical prowess and overall skull bludgeoning - here's a band that's ready to take it to the next level.

The actual recording hampers the genius beneath; Tue Madsen could work wonders with this material. Before the disc has ended, the urge to experience it live is insatiable.

Going straight for the jugular, with lyrics that actually say something, GM pound, pulverize and rattle like few other unsigned bands. Keep an eye and ear on these killers.

8/10 - Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, April 2008

""a savagely complex sonic attack""

The members of Gross Misconduct are veterans of two now-defunct Nanaimo-based skate/punk-metal bands, but they've moved far beyond aping Suicidal Tendencies.

This is a proficient, technical, death-metal quartet whose Vancouver-based music has more in common with '80s Metallica, late-period Death, and contemporary underground acts like Nevermore and Martyr.

On The Process of Indoctrination, drummer John Kurucz physicalizes the rage of his anticonformist lyrics at around 200 beats per minute on riff-driven tracks like "The War Breeds On" and "The Humbler". The choice cut here is "Driven Fanatic", where a monstrously menacing introductory lick presages the dinosaur bludgeoning that comes midway through.

David London's thick-throated vocals are satisfyingly intelligible, and, along with fellow axeman Jesse Brint, he delivers distorted volleys of rage and pinch harmonics. Next time out, an even fatter four-string sound from bassist-engineer Ryan Shepard would be appreciated. Otherwise, given a little refinement, Gross Misconduct could conceivably play junior-hockey arenas someday with its savagely complex sonic attack. - The Georgia Straight - August, 2007

""a stark yet classy celebration of the underground code""

The inspirations are unmistakable; Death, Testament, early Megadeth and even a touch of Gorguts fight for attention in this pea-souper of an album. This isn't to suggest anything other than the (BC) band have set themselves high standards however, and much of the time they reach their goal.

This debut record isn't a nostalgia trip; Gross Misconduct have used these dynamic influences as points of inestimable reference, before setting out to take a modern death metal path.

Every track is a stark yet classy celebration of the underground code. If only the production were a little more crafted and less straightforward, this would be formidable. - Metal Hammer

""Its honestly a fucking shock that no-one has picked these guys up""

If there's an appropriate place to start, it's that Gross Misconduct are huge Schuldiner fans. They lift from his genre-defining repertoire not only those huge trademark melodious leads, but also some of the thrashing circa 'The Sound of Perseverance' in an approach that's not unlike Arsis. They add a modern flair with some of Martyr's progressive technicalities and nearly every song is a certifiable hit.

One minor complaint is that the song writing becomes a little too predictable at times, but other than that this record is one hell of an accomplishment for these Vancouver based shredheads. As Quebec's scene seems to be dwindling quality wise (can we say over-saturation?) hopefully these guys will inspire their typically quiet west coast brethren to pick up a flying V and ditch the hippy dippy Birkenstock indie rock scene.

Its honestly a fucking shock that no-one has picked these guys up, as they are clearly more talented than some of the third rate Death clones floating around myspace today.
- Terrorizer

""far too good to go unsigned much longer""

It’s rare to come across an extreme metal band sounding at the top of its game on its self-released debut, but my, if Gross Misconduct hasn’t hit the ground running on The Process of Indoctrination.

A carefully crafted mélange of German thrash legends Kreator, early Meshuggah (think 1991’s Contradictions Collapse), and the technical/melodic hybrid perfected by today’s generation of Quebec death metal bands, the album, originally released in 2007, carries itself with a swagger befitting a seasoned veteran act.

For all the aggression exhibited on tracks like the scorching opener “The War Breeds On” and the stuttering cadences of “Driven Fanatic”, the British Columbia foursome sounds surprisingly accessible, exemplified perfectly on the multifaceted “Abhorrence”, as guitarists David London and Jesse Brint show tremendous discipline, letting their melodies dominate without overwhelming the listener with unnecessary blasting and riffing.

Considering the amount of attention fellow Vancouverites 3 Inches of Blood and Bison B.C. have received, there’s no reason the same can’t happen for Gross Misconduct. They’re far too good to go unsigned much longer. -


The Process Of Indoctrination - 2008
TBA - 2010

Debuted on the Loud earshot! charts at #2 for Jan, 2008



Combining equal parts calculated aggression, harmony-laden structures and unique song writing, Gross Misconduct has forged an undeniable mark on the metal landscape with the release of the band’s first independent album, The Process of Indoctrination.

Influenced by many of metal’s sub-genres but aligned with none, the band combines classic, melodic song structures with the brutal aggression of today’s death, thrash and grind scenes to create a unique hybrid of modern metal.

Consisting of David London (vocals, guitars), Jesse Brint (guitars/backing vocals), John Kurucz (drums) and Ryan Shepard (bass), the band's sound has been compared to Death, Morbid Angel, the Crown, and Dimension Zero by fans and media alike. Since setting up shop in Vancouver, Canada in 2003, the band has shared the stage with renowned international acts including Amon Amarth, The Haunted, Forbidden, Martyr, Neuraxis, Augury, Unexpect, Infernal Majesty, Thine Eyes Bleed, and Anonymus, on top of playing the Vancouver date of the 2007 and 2009 Vans Warped Tour.

With their first full length attracting considerable attention from metal fans, labels, distributors and media alike, the band has undeniably proven that it can hold its own with today’s established metal acts, Gross Misconduct is now looking for support from labels and distributors to help the band continue its path of momentum on a world-wide scale.