Ground Components

Ground Components


Unspeakably energetic sound influenced by Bob Dylan, The Clash, Otis Redding, their soul-rock shows were caught live on 2 EPs and met with grins by radio, listeners and press, nationally and overseas. Groundies will complete their debut album mid 2006.


Since their first public show in late 2002, Ground Components have continued to impress Australian audiences with their unspeakably energetic live shows and soulful brand of ‘rock n roll’. Playing alongside acts such as Spoon, Teenage Fanclub, J Mascis, M Ward and The Sleepy Jackson, the band have become one of the most talked about young rock bands in Australia. . It’s ‘rock’ without being completely driven by guitars. An emphasis on vocal melodies and keyboards is something that sets them apart from the current crop of ‘rock n roll’ acts.

With inspiration coming from sources as varied as Burt Bacharach, Bob Marley and The Flaming Lips, Ground Components are not a run of the mill rock band. Vocalist Joe McGuigan is by no means the guitar virtuoso and his singing voice is coarse, but when he strains those vocal chords and throws his body across the stage, he means it. Dallas Paxton “reclaims the keyboard as a rock instrument”, thrashing away to the point of breaking (no, really have a look at that thing, there are more than a few missing keys!). Indra Adams is smooth like his collection of silky button up shirts, while novice drummer Simon McGuigan provides the solid backbeat essential to any great band. They formed to achieve a common goal. To have a ball together and make you dance.

Earlier in 2003, a limited run of demos were distributed to a small selection of community radio presenters, writers and music fans to a very a warm response. The three tunes on the demo – recorded before the band had even played a proper live show – inspired two page long reviews in underground press and substantial radio play, which started the initial buzz for the band.

Since then, things have changed quite a lot. With a more developed sound, the band headed into Sing Sing Studios (Melbourne) with American producer Casey Rice (Liz Phair, Tortoise etc) to record a six track mini-album. Out on Love & Mercy, a label based in Richmond , Victoria. This record is out via INERTIA from October 27th and is one of the most eagerly awaited local releases of the year. To celebrate Ground Components will be touring nationally in October.

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It all catches up with you/ One step back EP - July 2004
Ground Components - Self titled EP - October 2003
3 track Demo - February 2003

Set List

Crying Time (3:45) On Your Living Room Floor (4:30) We Could've Been (3:40) Stale Thoughts (3:10) Do Right Do Woman (3:00) Hands In The Air (3:15) It All Catches Up (4:00) Our Sunshine (3:10) Head In The Sand (3:40)