Miami, Florida, USA
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The GroundHoggz are a group that has produced creative writing concepts for platinum recording artist including major labels & production companies. GroundHoggz created their own brand of music that combines real life substance with the creativity that captures the audience


The GroundHoggz are a rap group that has produced writing and creative concepts for platinum recording artist such as: Flo Rida, Rick Ross, Ray J, and the 2Live Crew. GroundHoggz have created a rap style of music that combines real life substance with creativity that captures the audience. I's no doubt these three individuals will succeed. Being together for over a decade has allowed the members to collaborate with talent & chemistry i-Tunes download king Flo Rida knows very well how being a member of the GroundHoggz for over a decade helped developed his career. F.I.S.T, Keylyme, Bred, hold their own individuality when it comes to lyrics & concepts. GroundHoggz have also worked & performed with various artist such as: Rick Ross, Pretty Rick, Pitbull, 8Ball & MJG, Youngbloods, 2Live Crew, Fresh Kid Ice, Shine, Mystical, Wu Tang's Clan Killer Priest, & open up for Scareface, AceHood feat guess T-Pain. The first show in their homrtown of Miami, Fla. they've turned loose over 100,000 street certified cd's in circulation. Here are some of the places the GroundHoggz performed: Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, New York, Mexico, & Japan. Each of the GroundHoggz brings their own unique style & character. F.I.S.T, comes with a point of view of inspiration & the hardworking man's struggle to survive. Keylyme has a unique rapsy voice that compliments the rymes & hooks. Bred, like his group members, is overflowing with versatility. Sure to light up any track in the booth or else where. Together the GroundHoggz have the perfect blend of good vibes & creativity. High Grade Entertainment signed these artist knowing that they are no longer for just predicting the Weather. But Changing it. Look out for the GroundHoggz debut album titled: "CHANGE THE WEATHER" & their single "I WANT IT ALL"


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Set List

5 mics, a Band (optional), Soundcheck, pre-rehearsal @least 3-4hrs. before Show Time