Ground Score

Ground Score


Ground Score is a band that believes in musical freedom, improvisation, and most of all live fun. Ground Score prides itself on gigs that are full of energy given out by the band and reciprocated back by the crowd.


Ground Score was formed in the spring of 2000. A bunch of friends got together and started learning Phish material because of Phish's hiatus.

In 2001 the band Phathead emerged. Phathead was a Phish coverband. They performed a couple of gigs and mostly fooled around.

In 2002 the band switched to a new bassist and dropped one of their guitarists. The band was renamed Ground Score. The guys in Ground Score began writing original tunes as well as expanding their covers to bands that include; Ween, Oysterhead, The Doors, Traffic, Adam Sandler, Moe., Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper and more.

Ground Score worked on material and gigged infrequently thru the fall of 2003. At that time Ground Score launched their own website,

The band then released their first Demo in early 2004. Bootleg, as it was named, was made available for free download at their website. It includes 2 songs that recieved awards and accolades across the internet. Along the Way was voted the #1 song for the Month of October at Mansion on the Hill, a 365 radio station, as well as being Track of the Day at Manual has recieved great reviews and high marks at as well as being our most requested track to play live.

2004 also marked Ground Scores first attempt to gig out regularly. The band reached out across the southeastern MI area and recieved a great response from the local audience. Ground Score also enjoyed a great response from venue owners on their professionalism and how easy they are to work with. Highlights include The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI, The Old Miami in Detroit, MI, and The Hayloft Liquor Stand in Mt Clemens, MI. A live recording of the Hayloft show is also available for free at the website.

Late in 2004 Ground Score added a new percussionist. Grahm Depouw was already practicing with the band for a few months when the rest of the members asked him to come on board as permanent band member.

In 2005 the band started the year by playing in the Emergenza Festival. They also played the Hayloft in Mt. Clemens, The Bling Pig in Ann Arbor, The Roche Bar in Port Huron, and TC Speakeasy's in Ypsilanti. Ground Score has become the house band for Churchills Food and Spirits in Flint and have played shows there since the spring thru the fall.

In December of 2005 Ground Score released a 12 song Live CD that include 8 originals and 4 covers. The CD is called Opidious and is avialable for download at the band Website.

2006 looks to be an exciting year with Gigs, and recording. We are booked full in March and April, including the Monroe Street Fair in Ann Arbor MI. Ground Score is now booking shows for their fall run, August thru November.

Dont miss your oppurtunity to catch Ground Score on the rise!


Bootleg (Demo) - Released in Spring of 2004.

Live @ the Hayloft - Released in the Fall of 2004

Opidious - Released in December of 2005 - Available for free download at

Set List

Set Lists are improvised from a list of songs available. Most sets are 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours. All sets include originals and covers. Sets can be adjusted due to time constraints. Ground Score can perform up to 3 sets a night.

Original songs that are included in our sets are as follows:
Along the Way
The Rant
Rezin Tokes & Rolled Cigarettes
New Era
Ode to Oomp (SPC)
Churchills in G
Sandcastles - Not available on any recording yet
Dictate the Mood - Not available on any recording yet

Covers are constantly added to our repetoir. The following are some examples of songs we play:
Sand - Phish
Bug - Phish
Sample in a Jar - Phish
Carini - Phish
Farmhouse - Phish
Heavy Things - Phish
Piper - Phish
2001 - Space Oydessey Theme
Roses Are Free - Ween
Beunos Tardes - Ween
Mr. Fantasy - Traffic
Psuedo Suicide - Oysterhead
5 to 1 - The Doors
Lunch Lady Land - Adam Sandler
Loving Cup - Rolling Stones
Happy H