Ground Zero

Ground Zero


Fist pounding metal with a refined modern punch to the gut.


For 13 lucky years Ground Zero has been CRUSHING the eardrums of our fans, KILLING club owners, and DESTROYING the venues we play in. Our music and lyrical hooks are infectous. After we melt your face, you'll be singing all the way home to your Mommy.


The Way Down - (Demo) 1996
Drop the Hammer - (EP) 1998
Crush, Kill, Destroy - (Single-Remix) 2001
Live At The Bottomline - (Live LP) 2001
Ground Zero - (3 Song LP Sampler) 2006

Set List

Ground Zero plays all original music. Our set time and song selection varies on the situation. We have enough material to play over 2 hours; over 25 songs. A typical show is anywhere from 45 minutes to 1hour 15 minutes long.