Houston, Texas, USA

If you like a good slap in the face every once in a while or you think love songs just lack any passion then you came to the right place. Ground Zero is all about the hard, unbridled real emotion we all experience on a day to day basis without sounding like every other band.


Ground Zero the point of impact, the destination of where it all started. Ground Zero started in 1993 as five young, crazy and determined musicians got together in a u-haul storage place for there first practice together to see how it might sound. After the all the smoke cleared and the police came the furious five had come up with 5 songs that night. Ground Zero was soon a force to be reckoned with as it hit the Texas hard rock music circuit. Ground Zero was selling out clubs and getting radio play within only one year of it's origination. Although the band had a reputation for getting in trouble and pushing the limits on stage it only added to their alure. The guys in GZ are still here and are currently working on recording there next CD due in 2011


1994 9 song demo

1998 Virus